WIPapril20151My name is Simay Akar, I grew up in Ankara, Turkey and graduated from Middle East Technical University, Ankara Turkey with the special interest on Social Impact of Technology. I live in Istanbul, Turkey right now and I am working in the solar industry with business development, marketing and sales focus in charge of Turkish solar cells for EMEA, LATAM, USA and APAC regions at CSUN Eurasia Energy Systems, a Chinese PV modules and solar cells manufacturer, locates in Istanbul Turkey.

I have been passionate about solar energy sector before my graduation, actually since my active PES student volunteer years. My high interest in energy field is related with my volunteer activities in IEEE PES. I served several positions including Turkey PES (Power and Energy Society) Advisor and attended many international events, meetings and conferences related with energy field when I was student. I am currently serving my volunteer positions as IEEE R8 Women in Engineering Committee Chair in 2015 and PES Women in Power Committee vice Chair. I became involved with Women in Power when I was inspired by Shay Bahramirad, PES WiP Committee Chair, during my responsibility as IEEE PES Student Branch Coordinator in 2014.

I really do love solar industry and the people in this business are here because they are passionate about renewable energy and want their work to make a difference. Solar energy is significant for all of us to become part of the solution to a more just and sustainable energy future. Every single day, when I am doing my job, I feel we are cooperating with clients and even competitors together for reliable green power generation.


I am also soft skills trainer since August, 2008. I have delivered over 200 of training sessions and established over 80 training event structures and schedules for many international NGOs for 6 year.   I have been an active IEEE member since 2007. I used to hold many responsibilities as IEEE volunteer including; IEEE Day 2014/2013 Team Lead, IEEE Region 8 Student Branch Chapters Coordinator (IEEE R8 Technical Activities), IEEE MGA Young Professionals Member Products and Services Team / WIE Liason, IEEE MGA Women in Engineering – Conference Subcommittee Member, and IEEE Power &Energy Society Student Branch Coordinator (Global), Chairperson of IEEE METU Student Branch and many others.


I am also passionate about many other things in my daily life. Traveling is my passion, throughout my life I have been blessed to travel to a variety of different places around the world. To date, I have been to 3 continents, 35 countries, and dozens of cities and my target is visiting 50 countries by the end of 2020. Going gym everyday and every time I have chance even I am travelling makes me so happy. Spinning, Pilates, social Latin dances, especially swimming and many others makes me alive. We may only change the world with our passion to our own world by keeping it to do things we do love and the things make us alive. I try to enjoy my every single day and do not postpone anything to tomorrow if I am able to do! We can support each other and create better today and tomorrow by sharing our passion with each other. That is reason to be part of Women in Power and I am so proud of it. I will keep sharing my passion with my colleges and friends all around the world. Dear reader, friend, thanks for your interest in my story. I really hope to meet with you in person somewhere around the world