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IEEE PES Region 1 Report

Dear PES e-News readers,

Greetings from the Power and Energy Society of Region 1! IEEE PES Region 1, the Northeastern area of the United States, is comprised of the following states as indicated on the map below: Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rode Island, New York, Connecticut and New Jersey.

IEEE PES Region 1

IEEE PES Region 1

The region is densely populated, roughly 43.4 million, with 85% of population residing in urban areas. Currently, Region 1 PES membership has 1996 members divided between thirteen (13) Chapters, six (6) Joint Chapters and six (6) Student Chapters as indicated below:

Table: Region 1 Chapters

Region 1 PES Chapter Region 1 PES Joint Chapter
Berkshire Section Chapter Buffalo Section Jt. Chapter
Binghamton Section Chapter Long Island Section Jt. Chapter
Boston Section Chapter Maine Section Jt. Chapter
Connecticut Section Chapter New York Section Jt. Chapter
Green Mountain Section Chapter Rochester Section Jt. Chapter
Mid-Hudson Section Chapter Syracuse Section Jt. Chapter
New Hampshire Section Chapter Region 1 PES Student Chapter
New Jersey Coast Section Chapter Buffalo University at Sunny
North Jersey Section Chapter New York State University of Westchester
Princeton/Central Jersey Section Chapter Northeastern University
Schenectady Section Chapter Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Springfield Section Chapter University of Maine
Worcester County Section Chapter University of Massachusetts – Lowell


We are very proud to announce that in the past year we have formed two new chapters: Green Mountain Section Chapter in Vermont and University of Maine, Maine Student Chapter. Welcome to the PES community.

In September 2014, the Region 1 started with its monthly conference calls/meetings intended for Region 1 chapter chairs and representatives. The objective behind these calls/meetings was to establish communication between the region’s chapters, facilitate in sharing of ideas, experiences and resources. So far, we’ve had five (5) meetings, skipping only December meeting due to Christmas and New Year’s holidays. For the most part, we’ve had invited speaker to gives us presentation on: best chapter practices (Babak Enayati, Boston Chapter), PES requirements for High Performing Chapter Award/Annual Report (Ed Carlsen, Awards & Resources Committee Chair), SAMIEEE training (Edvina Uzunovic, R1 Representative), V-tools training organized in conjunction with Region 7 (Jahangir Khan, Vancouver Chapter), Scholarship Plus Initiative (Dan Toland, Scholarship Plus Program Director).

The meetings’ attendance was very good from the start (12 chapter chairs and representatives), and growing with every month/meeting. This attests to chapter chairs dedication and hard work. It should be mentioned that meetings are not reserved for the chapter chairs only. The chairs are free to invite representatives from their chapters, thus facilitating training of new leaders and making chapter leadership transition seamless. As an immediate result indicating that these calls were success, at the end of the 2014 year 12 out of 19 chapters submitted their annual reports on time, an increase of 140% as compared to the 2013 year!

In 2014, Boston chapter is recognized as winner of the 2013 IEEE PES Outstanding Large Chapter Award for its outstanding performance termed with numerous technical meetings, tutorials, their strong monetary and otherwise support to PES Scholarship Plus Initiative, and outstanding and wide ranging support for their Student related activates. To attribute further to their dedication to the Boston power community and power community in general, Boston chapter is selected to host 2016 General Meeting. Go Boston, go!

2013 Outstanding Large Chapter Award Presented to IEEE Boston Chapter at PES General Meeting 2014

2013 Outstanding Large Chapter Award Presented to IEEE Boston Chapter at PES General Meeting 2014

Below are listed chapters that received HPCP Allocations in 2014 for their activities in 2013.

Chapter Award
Boston $900
Long Island $580
New York $900
North Jersey $780

Region 1 chapters are active and on average organize at least three technical meetings, tutorials with invited speakers using PES Distinguished Lecturer program, monthly meetings and annual parties/dinners. The photos below are to demonstrate to that.

The 2014 IEEE Engineering Colloquium held by the Schenectady PES Chapter on September 19 was a great success. This was the first conference organized by the Schenectady chapter and it is now planned to be an annual event. The next colloquium is planned for September 2015.

Schenectady Chapter 2014 IEEE Engineering Colloquium

Schenectady Chapter 2014 IEEE Engineering Colloquium

To show that power and energy engineers are not dull group of people and they know how to throw a good party, New York Chapter organizes IEEE Awards Dinner Dance every year. Judging by their outfits in the photo below, they can easily be chosen as a winner of the most fashionable PES Chapter award. They certainly make New York fashionistas proud. In addition to looking good, they are geeky too with a numerous technical meetings and tutorials too keeping up with the power industry.

New York Chapter 2014 IEEE Awards Dinner Dance

New York Chapter 2014 IEEE Awards Dinner Dance

 Lessons Learned

Communication is a key to the region success. Sharing of ideas, experiences and resources among the region chapters brings a new life to the region. Monthly activates arranged by the region representatives such as on-line tutorials in knowledge transfer and ultimately help in chapter chair succession and training. Firsthand experience given from the region chapter pros to those who are just venturing in the chapter leadership or possibly even starting a chapter are invaluable and make the process much easier.

Strong links with local power and energy companies are invaluable and ensure continuous membership growth. Companies’backings in terms of membership dues, time allocation, and travel support are important factors for the chapters’vigorous life termed with tutorial courses, regional conferences, monthly meetings, annual dinners, and many other activities.

Edvina Uzunovic
IEEE PES Region 1 Representative