Energy Development & Power Generation Committee

IEEE PES Entity Annual Report

Entity: Energy Development & Power Generation Committee

Chair: Randall C Groves
Vice-Chair: Michael J Basler
Secretary: Ward T Jewell

1. Significant Accomplishments:

Two new working groups were created under the Distributed Generation and Energy Storage Subcommittee:

  1. Microgrid Applications and Implementation Working Group, chaired by Melanie Johnson and Anurag Srivistava.
  2. Large Scale Battery Management. Chair Caisheng Wang, Wayne State University.

One new working group was created under the Renewable Technologies Subcommittee: Renewable Energy Development and Water Nexus, chaired by William Leighty.

Chair Randall Groves distributed the draft of Policies and Procedures for Working Groups to the Subcommittee Chairs responsible for standards development. Approval is requested by 6 January 2014.

IEEE Std 1249-2013 was published as a dual-logo standard with IEC 62270. This jointly developed revision of the Guide for computer-based control for hydroelectric power plant automation represents many years of effort covering technological advancement and to harmonize between North American and international terminologies. This standard was developed by the Hydroelectric Power Subcommittee P1249 working group and working group 14 of IEC/TC 4 – Hydraulic Turbines Technical Committee.

A draft standard, P810, Turbine Generator Shaft Couplings, developed in the Hydroelectric Power Subcommittee, is about to enter Mandatory Editorial Coordination.

A PAR was initiated in the Station Design, Operations, and Control Subcommittee for P665 Generating Station Grounding. Working groups in the subcommittee are developing PARs for P666 Generating Station Service Systems and P1050 I&C Equipment Grounding in Generating Stations.

2. Benefits to Industry and PES Members from the Committee Work:

The primary benefit to the industry is publications in IEEE Transactions on Energy Conversion and PES General Meeting Proceedings, as well as technical paper and panel sessions at the PES General Meeting. Most of this work is done by the working groups and subcommittees. The subcommittees and working groups are active in encouraging technical exchanges among industry and academic participants on energy development and power generation topics. These topics are outlined by the subcommittees:

  • Climate Change Technology
  • Distributed Generation and Energy Storage
  • Excitation Systems and Controls
  • Hydroelectric Power
  • International Practices
  • Renewable Technologies
  • Station Design, Operation and Control

3. Benefits to Volunteer Participants from the Committee Work:

Participants benefit from their collaboration on technical issues with industry leaders and experts, discussing contemporary industry problems and concerns. Subcommittee meetings include presentations of experts in specific fields and debating of ideas and industry practices. Committee members also benefit from their exposure to technical paper reviews and technical paper presentations.

4. Recognition of Outstanding Performance:

The Energy Development and Power Generation Committee Distinguished Service Award was presented to Om Malik, who served as chair of the committee 2011-2012.

The EDPG Prize Paper Award was awarded to:
Rajiv K. Varma, Shah Arifur Rahman, Mahendra AC, Ravi Seethapathy and Tim Vanderheide, “Novel Nighttime Application of PV Solar Farms as STATCOM (PV-STATCOM),” presented at the IEEE PES General Meeting in San Diego in July 2012.

5. Coordination with Other Entities (PES Committees, CIGRE, standards, etc.):

The Committee has a liaison to the Emerging Technologies Coordinating Committee, Rama Ramakumar.
The Committee’s Hydroelectric Power Subcommittee maintains a Category D Liaison with IEC/TC 4, Hydraulic Turbines, R Groves

6. New Technologies of Interest to the Committee:

The Committee has long tracked and ensured consideration of new generation technologies. In addition to those considered in the past, new working groups created in 2013 have added these technologies to those of interest to the Committee:

  • Microgrid Applications and Implementation
  • Large Scale Battery Management
  • Renewable Energy Development and Water Nexus

7. Significant Plans for the Next Period:

  • Annual meeting at the PES General Meeting in Washington, DC, July 2014
  • Technical Paper and Panel Sessions at PES General Meeting in Washington, DC, July 2014
  • Provide reviews of papers for transactions and the General Meeting
  • Provide industry leadership on emerging issues in energy development and power generation

Submitted by: Randall Groves Date: 28 March 2014