Mitsubishi Tomini

Region 5

Arkansas Chapter

Mr. Doug Bowman ( is revitalizing this chapter by holding monthly lunch meetings in Little Rock at Larry’s Pizza.  The first meeting this was to energize the Little Rock base.  Doug is also looking to host events like the plain talk series in the fall, day long workshop, seminar and maybe a regional conference.  Be sure to stop in and check it out!

Central Texas – Austin Joint Chapter

Mr. Steven Pearson ( normally holds monthly meetings at El Gallo Restaurant.  They have had meeting discussing:  “Data Driven Insights into Residential Energy Usage and Power Quality,” Wind Coalition,” Finding Root Cause and Improving Reliability,” Pike Power Lab tour, “EV Wiring” and “Smart Grid Topic.”  The Chapter also is planning the following topics:  “Disaster Recovery” and “Code of Ethics.”

Central Texas – San Antonio Chapter

Mr. Curtis Cryer ( holds evening meetings.  The last meeting was “The Microphysics of Lightning.”

Corpus Christi Chapter

Dr. Hayrettin Karayaka ( hosted the SOW – Solar Ocean Wind, the Seeds of Our Future as part of the green tech conference.  This conference was held over two days.

Corpus Christi – Rio Grande Chapter

Mr. Jaime Ramos’ ( last seminar covered Professional Engineer’s Ethics at the University of Texas Pan American.

Fort Worth Chapter

Carol Chessmore’s ( Chapter’s last meeting was at the Petroleum Club which addressed transformer and transmission line modeling among many other things.

Galveston Bay Chapter

Dr. Zafer Taqvi ( is hosting several workshops.

High Plains Chapter

Dr. Olukayode Egunjobi ( has worked hard to start our region’s newest chapter.  Please come out and support their efforts.

Kansas City Joint Chapter

Mr. Chris Dyer ( is working very hard conducting meetings.  They even hosted a dinner meeting with the Editor of T&D Magazine and hosted the Medium & High Voltage Devices Road Show.

Lafayette Chapter

Mr. John B Meche ( has held social and technical meeting like the Crawfish Boil and an Arc Flash study.

New Orleans Chapter

Dr. Cat Wong ( is working very hard hosting meetings.  Some meeting are even twice a month.  They have hosted meetings like:  “State-of-the-Art” Electric Vehicles” and “Transmission Line Temporary Protective Grounding for Worker Safety.”

Oklahoma City Joint Chapter

Mr. Bob Scolli ( is working with the section to propose to host the Region’s technical conference in 2016.  He is also hosting evening meetings and tours.  The last tour was of the power systems on the campus of the University of Oklahoma.

Panhandle Chapter

Mr. Kenny Munsell’s ( luncheon meeting over Quality Assurance Program which was specific to utilities was held at the Amarillo Club.

Pikes Peak Chapter

Mr. Michael Garland ( conducts most of their chapter meetings in the evenings and has even hosted a distinguished lecturer.


I (Todd Hiemer – am here to help all of the chapters in Region 5.  We have lost contact with a few chapters and would like to change that, so please reach out and I (we – PES) can help.  Most of this information was collected from the required annual chapter report or the chapter’s website.