Tommy Mayne – Vice President, Meetings

March-GovBd-TommyIn my opinion, the PES is arguably the most active, effective, innovative and valuable Technical Society in the IEEE. We have numerous activities and initiatives underway that offer PES members tremendous value and opportunities. There is tremendous amount of work that PES members accomplish outside of meetings, but when we come together in a face to face meeting the true value of being a PES member becomes evident.

Having attended the latest JTCM Meeting in Great City of New Orleans and then followed up by the Governing Board meeting as well, I was reminded of the real value of face to face meetings.  The internet, webinars, social media, and other technologies offer great possibilities for communications and data sharing and all have their niche in today’s world. But face to face meetings can never and should never be replaced.

JTCM (Joint Technical Committee Meeting)

The JTCM offers the committees and subcommittees of PES a chance to interact with each other over several days. With the advances in technology in our industry and the interaction of the aspects of that technology the communications between committees is an absolute necessity.

marchmeetings1The Committees and Subcommittees who meet at the JTCM, as well as, those committees who chose to meet on their own, are the working heart of the PES. The JTCM is the meeting where many of the PES Committees and sub committees can meet without any other business other than that of the committees. It offers an opportunity for the “meeting of the minds” where open discussion, ideas, analysis, and consensus can be reached on the technical issues of the PES.

The 2014 meeting was well attended and the venue of New Orleans also worked great as well.  Charles Henville is responsible for putting the meeting together and as usual he did a great job.  The meeting was attended by 554 PES members and 176 meeting sessions were held in conjunction with the JTCM. The face to face interaction of the committees and sub committees is invaluable in the work of the PES.  Some 40 companions came along as well and savored the sights, sounds, culinary delights, and culture of the unique city of New Orleans.


The Governing Board takes the opportunity to meet in conjunction with the JTCM (as well as other meetings). The Governing Board is made up of some very talented and brilliant individuals and the interfacing, interactions and communications that is accomplished at that meeting is tremendous. If you ever have the opportunity to sit in on one, please do. This is where the PES really comes together.


With the value of face to face meetings in mind, the PES has numerous meetings throughout the year and throughout the world. Some of the ones coming up soon are (Just to name a few):

  • T & D Conference and Exposition, Chicago, IL, USA April 14 – 17
  • ISGAT ASIA – Tue, May 20, 2014 – Fri, May 23, 2014
  • IEEE PES GENERAL MEETING   July 22 – 28 IEEE PES General Meeting Washington DC USA

Click here to see the list of all the totally PES sponsored, PES Co-sponsored and PES technically Co-Sponsors meetings for the PES.


marchmeetings2Personally I would like to invite everyone to the T&D Conference in Chicago, April 14-17, 2014. We’re celebrating our first 50 years of ideas, growth and success as we look toward the Next Fifty years of innovation. The T&D is the largest conference of its type in the industry and offers unique opportunities to see the depth and breadth of the industry all in one venue.

T&D is where engineers, technicians, academics, students, manufactures and the general public can see, hear, and touch the latest and greatest technology available in the Transmission and Distribution Industry. Not only is the opportunity to meet and discuss technology with your peers but to see that technology on the exhibit floor.

This year’s conference offers a tremendous technical program, educational track, student program and activities, over 780 exhibitors from around the world, and sessions on the latest news in the industry. We are looking forward to welcoming over 14000 attendees to Chicago for T&D.

marchmeetings3The PES Executive Committee (EXCOM) will also be meeting in conjunction with T&D and you will have the opportunity to interface with the EXCOM during the T&D conference.

If you have never experienced a T&D Conference you owe it to yourself to attend. The T&D core team likes to say, “If you only make one conference, this is the one.”


July we have the PES General Meeting in the Washington DC area, the dates are July 27 – 31, 2014 and the venue is the Gaylords Resort and Conference Center, National Harbor, MD. This is the core meeting of the PES and is attended by more than 2200 PES Members.  It is the ideal place for true interfacing and “matrixing” with your peers.


I would like to personally invite all PES members, IEEE members, and non-members alike to attend one of our many conferences or meetings that is held around the world. The value from a professional, personal, and social aspect will be more than you expect.

Interested in meetings or have any questions, contact me at

Tommy Mayne
VP Meetings