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IEEE PES Emerging Technologies Committee Report

The ETCC website is active and periodically updated in support of the ETCC activities. A condensed ET
report is posted on the ETCC website, and new info is added as it becomes available.
The ETCC committee received paper submissions for T&D 2012 and GM 2012. For T&D, one paper was
reviewed and accepted as a poster paper. For GM 2012, ETCC received over 50 submissions. After
redirecting papers, based on their topics, to the Technical Committees that they were better suited for,
ETCC organized review for 18 papers (one additional paper was previously published in the Transactions).
Out of 18 papers reviewed, 4 were rejected, 7 accepted as posters, and 7 accepted as papers. ETCC Poster
Session is scheduled for Monday, July 23, 5-7 p.m., with 7 poster papers, and a Combo Session on Tuesday,
July 27, 8-10:40 a.m. with 8 oral paper presentations.

Meetings of the ETCC Committee and Technology Assessment Working Group are scheduled for Tuesday,
July 24. Late Breaking News Session on Monday, July 23, is organized by the Technical Council.

PES Technical Committees’ Chairs were contacted regarding information on emerging technologies in their
technical fields. A response has been received only from the Energy Development and Power Generation
Committee. ETCC has taken the initiative at an earlier GM of informing the Intelligent Grid Coordinating
Committee members of the ETCC activities. ETCC will continue to support such information exchanges in
order to increase the cooperation with PES Technical and Coordinating Committees. As per the PES
Technical Council request at the conference call on Apr. 18, 2012, a contact has been initiated with IGCC
for preparation of a joint report on emerging technologies.

At the GM 2013, ETCC plans to have Poster Session, Combo Session, and Late Breaking News Session.

Branislav Djokic