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IEEE Power & Energy Society Region 4 – Report

Report Outline

IEEE PES R4 comprises 15 chapters.

Two of the fifteen chapters were recipients of High Performing Chapter Program awards for the year 2011.

Six of the fifteen chapters sent representatives to the chapter chair training program offered at the IEEE PES General Meeting in 2012 in San Diego, CA. This is an improvement from last year and shows the interest from the different chapters to participate at the Region and National PES activities and conferences.

Four of the fifteen chapters reported on the activities in 2012. My goal as the region representative is to see an increase in this activity and I am aiming for 100% reporting for the year 2013.

Below are some of the activities reported.

Central Iowa Chapter:

A talk on the Energy Efficiency Program by Iowa Energy Center was held on February 16th, 2012. With the increase in communications and the vulnerability to such systems, a technical and informational talk was held on May 27th, 2012.

Chicago Chapter:

Chicago chapter is one of the most active and large chapters in Region 4. There were a total of eleven technical, educational and social events held in this chapter all round the year. With the location being central to a number of consulting, industrial and utilities, the planned activities truly reflect the dedication of the chapter leaders and volunteers.

Chicago chapter recognized two volunteers – one outstanding engineer and one outstanding young engineer. This is a novel idea to recognize an engineer with experience and also to encourage young and enthusiastic engineer that could be a future leader.

Chicago chapter also organized a social, networking event, Goose Island Brewery Tour, which attracted members and also provided great networking opportunity for all the attendees. It also acted as a great event to brainstorm future chapter activities.

Iowa Illinois Chapter:

The efforts by the Iowa-Illinois chapter to coordinate two events in spite of the small membership and the minimum number of chapter volunteers should be commended.

A workshop on Industrial Electrical Power Systems Design & Maintenance was held on March 9th 2012. The workshop geared towards individuals interested in industrial plant design, maintenance, NETA testing standards and also focused on the testing of electrical equipment.

A second technical event was held to discuss the Coal Fired Electric Generation Regulation Changes. This was a very appropriate topic as the coal-fired industry faces a difficult time with several regulatory changes, tightening limitations on air emissions.

Twin Cities Chapter:

Twin Cities chapter is also one of the largest and active chapters in Region 4. Twin Cities chapter held nine technical meetings in 2012 and already had three technical meeting under the belt in 2013.

With the strong presence of utilities, consulting companies and university, Twin Cities chapter has the advantage to collaborate and provide good meetings for its members.

Twin Cities chapter also recognized an outstanding engineer in 2012. The chapter volunteers coordinates and organizes two events yearly parternering with University of Minnesota – University of Minnesota Center for Energy Education (UMCEE) and Minnesota Power Systems Conference (MIPSYCON).

These two are classic examples of the chapters’ involvement in promoting educational and technical sessions.

Picture from 2012 – UMCEE Lecture

Picture from 2012 – UMCEE Lecture


Presenting Outstanding Engineer Award to Brian Lorentz – November, 2012

Presenting Outstanding Engineer Award to Brian Lorentz – November, 2012: L to R – Jake Bernhagen (2012 Chapter Secretary), Mythili Chaganti (2012 Chapter Chair) and Brian Lorentz (2012 OEA Receipient)