Now Hiring Students!

PES Members: You are the engineers who know about the need and opportunities for electrical engineering students in your organization. Do you know how easy it is to get the word out to students who are actually interested in power and energy engineering? All your HR office needs to do is post those opportunities for jobs, internships or co-ops on PES Careers, a free on-line career service offered by PES.

Are you in a small business? Use PES Careers to get the level of outreach of a large business.

Are you in a large business? Use PES Careers to supplement your existing HR recruiting program.

With PES Careers you can:

  • Connect to hundreds of students and recent grads who you know are interested in power and energy engineering careers
  • Instantly contact them via text and email messages about job openings
  • Find and target key demographics, including students who say they are interested in working in your geographic area
  • Enhance your current recruiting methods, such as by identifying students to contact during a university recruiting visit
  • Direct candidates to use your own application process, or have them submit via PES Careers
  • Ensure that electrical engineering students are simply aware that your organization is interested in them!

Information about PES Careers can be found at User’s guides are also available for employers ( and students (

PES Careers is available to students and to employers with jobs in the US & Canada, and in Europe. Go to for more information.

Thanks for helping students (while helping your own organization) and building the pipeline of students into power and energy engineering careers!