IEEE/PES/ED&PG-C Wind and Solar Power Plant Interconnection and Design Subcommittee IEEE

Working Groups and Task Forces

Wind and Solar Plant Interconnection Working Group

(formerly known as System Impacts and Interconnection Requirements of Wind and Solar Power Plants)



Jens C. Boemer
Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)
Seattle, WA, USA


Diwakar Tewari
Leidos Engineering
Sacramento, CA


Nath Venkit
GE Renewable Energy
Schenectady, NY



  • Serve as a focal point for technology and solutions providers within the Power and Energy Society (PES) for addressing issues related to interconnection performance requirements, testing, and validation of transmission- and distribution-connected wind and solar plants.
  • Contribute expertise from the manufacturers and developers perspective on grid interconnection standards, grid supportive functions and plant control modes to meet modern grid codes.
    • Lead knowledge transfer on best practices for interconnection performance requirements, including closing gaps of existing North American interconnection requirement for large-scale solar plants, taking into account requirements of ISOs, RTOs, FERC, NERC, distribution and transmission providers.
    • Contribute to plant-level testing and verification, e.g. of DER per 1547.1, including plant controller.
  • Conduct activities to promote the sharing of knowledge and experience among diverse organizations working on similar issues through the conduct of symposia, workshops, paper sessions, (joint) panel sessions, and tutorials.
    • Liaison with IEEE PES T&D Distributed Resources Integration Working Group (DRIWG), IEEE PES EMC Renewable Energy Machines and Systems Subcommittee (REMSSC), IEEE Standards Coordination Committee 21 (SCC21), and NERC/WECC Inverter-Based Resource Performance Task Force (IRPTF).
  • Publish working group papers to document results of working group activities and to share working group positions on issues related to wind and solar plant interconnection.
    • Possibly publish a best practices for interconnection performance requirements paper.
    • Possibly contribute to an 1547.2 application guide or set of recommended practices in the future as the technology evolves as well as to the revision of 1547.1 for testing and verification of DER.