This page is for dissemination of information about panel sessions and presentations from the cascading failure working group.

IEEE PES General Meeting, 2018 (Portland, OR): Panel Session: “Challenges of Cascading Failure Analysis: Modeling, Data and Interdependence” [overview-slides]

  1. Mohit Singh (ComEd), Ryan Quint (NERC), Andrew Groom (AEMO), “Inverter-Based Resources During a Cascading Failure”  [1-Singh]
  2. Greg Zweigle (SEL), “Protective Relays and Cascading Failures” [2-Zweigle]
  3. Marianna Vaiman (V&R Energy), “Cascading Analysis in a Control Room” [3-Vaiman]
  4. Ian Dobson (Iowa State U.), “Opportunities and perspectives from processing historical cascading outage data” [4-Dobson]
  5. Junjian Qi (U. Central Florida), “Advanced Cascading Failure Data Analytics” [5-Qi]
  6. Eduardo Cotilla-Sanchez (Oregon St. U.) “Attack Resilient Data Analytics for Cascading Failure Mitigation” [6-Cotilla-Sanchez]
  7. Bob Cummings (NERC),“Managing reliability in power grids that are interdependent on other infrastructures” [7-Cummings]
  8. Paul Hines (U. of Vermont),“Interdependence between power and communications networks” [8-Hines]
  9. Dan Wu (MIT),“Interdependence between electric power and natural gas networks” [9-Wu]
  10. Emanuel Bernabeu (PJM),“CascadingTrees&Power System Resiliency” [10-Bernabeu]

IEEE PMAPS Conference, 2018 (Boise, ID)

  1. CFWG Benchmarking Subgroup, “Benchmarking Quasi-Steady State Cascading Outage Analysis Methodologies.” [Slides]

IEEE PES General Meeting, 2017 (Chicago, IL): Tutorial: “Industry Best Practices, Needs, and Challenges in Cascading Analysis: Tutorial and Training” [Overview_slides_a,_b]

  1. Milorad Papic (Idaho Power), “NERC standards applicable to analysis of cascading outages” [1_Papic]
  2. Milorad Papic (Idaho Power) and Marianna Vaiman (V&R Energy), “Training on cascading studies” [2_Papic_Vaiman], “Next generation energy educational initiative (Next GenEEI)” [2_b]
  3. Charles Lawrence (ATC), “ATC experience with cascading outages studies and preparing for a NERC audit” [3_Lawrence]
  4. Emanuel Bernabeu (PJM), “A resiliency framework for cascading outages at PJM” [4_Bernabeu]
  5. Douglas Bowman (SPP), “Cascading studies at SPP” [5_Bowman]
  6. Robert Cummings (NERC), “Cascade-based planning analysis” [6_Cummings]

IEEE PES General Meeting, 2016 (Boston, MA): Panel session entitled, “Cascading Outages – Dynamics, Protection, Validation and Data”

  1. Marianna Vaiman, “Massive Transient Stability Based Cascading Analysis and On-line Identification of Critical Cascades.” [Slides]
  2. Steve Miller, “Benchmarking and Validation: Industry Examples.” [Slides]
  3. Paul Hines, “Translating data from cascading failure simulations into actionable information using influence graphs.” [Slides]
  4. Ian Dobson, “Seeking cascading realities by processing historical cascades.” [Slides]
  5. Alex Flueck, “What’s next? High-fidelity power system dynamics and protection simulation.” [Slides]
  6. Eduardo Cotilla-Sanchez, “Automated mitigation of cascading failure in power systems.” [Slides]
  7. Greg Zweigle, “Real-Time Predictive Mitigation of Cascades Related to Protection Relaying.” [Slides]
  8. Pierre Henneaux, Jean-Claude Maun, “Numerical techniques for dynamic probabilistic risk assessment of cascading outages.” [Slides]
  9. Emanuele Ciapessoni, Andrea Pitto, “Definition of initiating events including protection misoperation for dynamic studies of cascading outages.” [Slides]

Summary of Results of the 2015 IEEE CFWG Survey on the Analysis of Cascading Outages [Slides]

IEEE PES General Meeting, 2015 (Denver, CO): Panel session entitled, “Cascading Failures: Advanced Methodologies, Restoration and Industry Perspectives” [Slides]

  1. Pierre Henneaux, Jiajia Song, Eduardo Cotilla-Sanchez, “Dynamic Probabilistic Risk Assessment of Cascading Outages.” [Slides]
  2. Paul Hines, “Estimating Cascading Failure Risk with Random Chemistry.” [Slides]
  3. Ian Dobson, “Extracting Information from Observed Cascading Data.” [Slides]
  4. Andrea Pitto, “An Innovative Tool for Probabilistic Risk Assessment of Power and ICT System Subjected to Wide Area Disturbances Due to Weather/ Environment Events.” [Slides]
  5. Milorad Papic, “Current Industry Practice with Cascading Outage Events.” [Slides]
  6. Bob Cummings, “NERC Event Analysis of Cascading Outages.”
  7. Phil Overholt, “Applications and Analysis Tools for Monitoring Dynamics on the Grid.” [Slides]
  8. Nelson Martins, “Impacts of Blackouts.” [Slides]
  9. Michael Henderson, “Addressing Restoration Issues in New England and Future Challenges.” [Slides]
  10. Chen-Ching Liu, “Microgrids in Distribution System Restoration.” [Slides]
  11. Wei Sun, “Harnessing Renewables in Power System Restoration.” [Slides]
  12. Yunhe Hou, “Restoration Methods and Applications in China.” [Slides]

IEEE PES General Meeting, 2013 (Vancouver, BC): Panel session entitled, “Mitigation and Prevention of Cascading Outages Methodologies and Practical Applications”

  1. Janusz Bialek, Vladimir Terzija, Taiying Zheng, Walter Sattinger, “Large Disturbance in the European Power System on the 4th of November 2006” [1_Europe]
  2. Milorad Papic, “Pacific Southwest Blackout on September 8, 2011 at 15:27;” [2a_SWPacific_Papic] and Eric Allen, “Pacific Southwest Disturbance of September 8, 2011.” [2b_SWPacific_Allen]
  3. Anish Gaikwad, “Indian Blackouts- July 30 & 31, 2012 Recommendations and Further Actions.” [3_India]
  4. Jorge Jardim, “Ex-post analysis of the blackout on October 26 2012  in Brazil.” [4_Brazil_Jardim]
  5. Eric Heredia, Ryan Quint, and Dmitry Kosterev, “Using Synchrophasors for Preventing Cascading Outages.” [5_BPA PMU]
  6. Marianna Vaiman (for the Working Group), “Mitigation and Prevention of Cascading Outages: Methodologies and Practical
    Applications” [6_CFTF_Vaiman]
  7. V.Terzija, P.Wall, J.Quirós-Tortós, S.Norris, J.Bialek, “Preventing Cascading Outages by Intentional Controlled Islanding” [7_Terzija Islanding Vancouver_FINAL]
  8. Steven S. Miller, “Benchmarking for Cascade Analysis Tools: Data and Methodology” [8a_Miller]; and E. Ciapessoni, D. Cirio, A. Pitto
    “Cascading simulation techniques in Europe: the PRACTICE experience” [8b_2013GM_benchmark_RSEcontribution_v1]
  9. Ian Dobson, Ben Carreras, David Newman, “Emerging approaches for simulating and analyzing cascading outages” [9_DobsonPESGMCCTF13]
  10. P. Hines, Margaret Eppstein, Ian Dobson, “Using Random Chemistry and Influence Graphs to Estimate Cascading Failure Risk” [10_Hines-2]

Presentations from the IEEE PES General Meeting in Detroit, July 2011.

  1. Survey of Tools for Risk Assessment of Cascading Outages
  2. Risk Assessment of Cascading Outages: Part 1 – Overview of Methodologies
  3. Issues in integration of risk of cascading outages into utility reliability standards
  4. Estimating the extent of cascading transmission line outages using standard utility data and a branching process
  5. Estimating Dynamic Instability Risk by Measuring Critical Slowing Down