2018 PESGM panel session on the “Challenges of Cascading”

At the 2018 PES General Meeting in Portland, the working group organized a panel session focused on the challenges of cascading: modeling, data and interdependence. We had an excellent group of panelists who sparked some important discussion. Here is the overview of the panel: Reliability standards increasingly require transmission utilities and regional transmission operators to… Read more

2015 Tutorial “Understanding Cascading Phenomenon”

IEEE PES GM 2015 Tutorial “Understanding Cascading Phenomenon: Methodologies and Industry Practice for Analysis of Cascading Failures” Date: July 29, 2015 Tutorial Overview: Cascading failures present severe threats to power grid reliability and security, and thus reducing their likelihood, and timely detection, mitigation and prevention of cascades are of significant importance, and believed to be… Read more

Information for posting on this site

If you are a member of this task force and would like to be able to post information to this, our public web site, please send an e-mail to Paul Hines.  All user-names will be the combination of your first and last names with no spaces.  Once requested you can set your own password.

Presentations from PES-GM 2011

  The following presentations were presented at our joint session on cascading failure risk analysis at the IEEE PES General Meeting in Detroit, July 2011. Survey of Tools for Risk Assessment of Cascading Outages Risk Assessment of Cascading Outages: Part 1 – Overview of Methodologies Issues in integration of risk of cascading outages into utility… Read more