Upcoming Activities

Webinar Series on Big Data & Analytics for Power Systems. (Link)

2021 PES General Meeting

Subcommittee Meeting

Predictive Big Data Analytics for Outage ManagementMonday, August 3
Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Distribution Management systemsMonday, August 3
Integration of Various Source Data for Enhanced Situation Awareness of Power SystemTuesday, August 4
Learning to Model, Monitor, and Control Power Distribution SystemsTuesday, August 4
Advanced-Data Analytics for Power Asset ManagementTuesday, August 4
Learning to Optimize Power Transmission SystemsThursday, August 6
Observability and Controllability of Power Distribution System in Big Data EraThursday, August 6
Big Data Analytics Subcommittee MeetingMonday, August 10

Panel Session

Big data analytics for power system economy, reliability, and securityRoom 308Tuesday, August 68:00 to 10:00
Frontiers of big data analytics in the operation and maintenance of power distribution systemsRoom 308Monday, August 513:00 to 17:00
Data analytic tools for dynamic security assessment of bulk power systemsRoom 312Tuesday, August 610:00 to 12:00
Big data application in power system distribution system TFRoom 405Tuesday, August 615:00 to 16:00
Big data webinar series TFRoom 405Tuesday, August 613:00 to 14:00
Big data access WGRoom 405Tuesday, August 614:00 to 15:00
Big Data & Analytics SubcommitteeGalleria 3Wednesday, August 715:00 to 17:00

2018 PES General Meeting (Panel Session)

Panel session: Big data analytics for emerging power sensors and internet-of-things. (Session chair: Hamed Mohsenian-Rad, Emma Stewart)

Deep data from optical sensors (slide)
The advent of the “One Second Home”(slide)
Time series data at scale(slide)

Panel session: Big data analytics focus on end-use customers in power distribution systems. (Session chair: Nanpeng Yu, Haiwang Zhong)

Nonintrusive load modeling: advanced monitoring (slide)
Data-driven residential solar power forecasting(slide)
EnergyCoupon (slide)

Panel session: Big data analytics for flexible electricity network, market, and prosumers. (Session chair: Ran Li, Tao Hong)

Panel session: Best practices in sharing big data in power systems. (Session chair: Ning Zhou, Hamed Mohsenian-Rad)

Panel session: Smart meters: from consumer behavior to planning. (Session chair: Ram Rajagopal)

Panel session: High-performance computing and big data analytics for large scale power system planning problems. (Session chair: Dimitri Papageorgiou, Yingzhong Gu)

2017 PES General Meeting (Panel Session)

Big Data Access and Big Data Research Integration in Power Systems. (Panel Session Chair: Dr. Hamed Mohsenian-Rad)

Opening Remarks(slide)
System Identification of Reduced‐Order Models of Power Systems from PMU Data(slide)
Advanced Analytics and Data for PMU Applications(slide)
Open Micro‐PMU: A Real World Reference Distribution Micro‐phasor Measurement Unit Data Set for Research and Application Development (slide)
Big Data Access, Analytics and Sense-Making(slide)
Predictive Analytics for Energy Systems State Estimation(slide)

Big Data Analytics for Electricity Markets. (Panel Session Chair:  Dr. Ran Li, Dr. Li Furong)

Empowering Renewable Energy Prosumers through Big Data Analytics(slide)
Big Data Analytics to Facilitate DSO Transition(slide)
Network Pricing in the Low Carbon Power Markets(slide)
Market Integration Between Wholesale and Retail Markets(slide)
Mutual Trading Strategy between Customers and Power Generations based on Load Consuming Patterns(slide)
Consequences of Climate Change into Decision Making for Energy Market(slide)
Low Voltage Customer Characterization Options for Distribution Pricing and Demand Side Management (slide)
Research Trends in Load Forecasting and Their Implications to Energy Trading(slide)
Renewable Energy Trading in Cross-RegionPower Market of China(slide)
Open Micro‐PMU: A Real World Reference Distribution Micro‐phasor Measurement Unit Data Set for Research and Application Development (slide)

Big Data for Integrated Energy Systems. (Panel Session Chair: Dr. Goran Strbac, Dr. Bie Zhaohong)

Real-Time Outage Detection from Utility Big Data (slide)
Research on the Framework and Data Fusion of an Energy Big-data Platform (slide)
Big Data Analysis for Energy Internet (slide)
Data-Driven Load Model (slide)
Extracting Value from Smart Grid to Support Peer-to-Peer Energy System(slide)
Understanding and Characterising the Dependence of Electricity on Gas with Big Data(slide)
Open Micro‐PMU: A Real World Reference Distribution Micro‐phasor Measurement Unit Data Set for Research and Application Development (slide)

Big Data in Power Systems: Transmission, Distribution, and Data Analytic Applications. (Panel Session Chair: Dr. Mladen Kezunovic, Dr. Nanpeng Yu)

2016 PES General Meeting (Panel Session)

Panel Session on “Big Data on Power Distribution Networks”. (Panel Chair: Dr. Reza Arghandeh)

Panel Session on “Big Data on Demand Response”. (Panel Chair: Dr. Haiwang Zhong)

2015 PES General Meeting (Panel Session)

Panel Session on “Using Big Data to Enhance Transmission System Planning and Operations”. (Panel Chair: Dr. Jun Wen) Wednesday July.29.2015.

“Stop the Data Flood” by Dr. Anthony Johnson.
“Synchrophasor-based Big Data Analytics for Grid Operations and Planning” by Dr. Manu Parashar.
“Predictive Analytics Derived from HVAC and PMU Data, Case Histories at UCSD” by Dr. Chuck Wells.
“Application of Synchrophasor Data to Power System Operations” by Prof. Joe Chow.

2014 PES General Meeting (Panel Session)

Panel discussion on “Challenges and Solutions of Big Data for Power System Operations”. Tuesday July.29.2014 (10am-noon, Azalea 2)

Panel discussion on “CAMS Task Force Big Data-Driven Analytics for Smart Grid Operations”. Tuesday July.29.2014 (2 pm in Potomac 5)

2013 PES General Meeting

2013 PES GM (Panel Discussion and Kickoff Task Force Meeting).