Premios IEEE PES 2019

IEEE PES Society-premiación 2019

PES está orgulloso de anunciar los ganadores de los premios y reconocimiento 2019 IEEE PES Society-Level Award. Los ganadores de los premios son seleccionados a través de un proceso integral de nominación y evaluación Únase a nosotros para felicitar a los beneficiarios de este año por sus logros excepcionales.

2019 PES Award for Excellence in Power Distribution Engineering, Charles De Nardo

For leadership in IEEE Guide to Understanding, Diagnosing, and Mitigating Stray and Contact Voltage, IEEE Std 1695-2016


2019 IEEE PES Charles Concordia Power Systems Engineering Award, Innocent Kamwa

For contributions in enhancing power grid performance by novel measurement devices, identification techniques, and stability control systems


2019 IEEE PES Cyril Veinott Electromechanical Energy Award, Kiruba Haran

For contributions to advanced electric machinery technology and application


2019 IEEE PES CSEE Yu-Hsiu Ku Electrical Engineering Award, Yaozhong Ge

For significant contributions to fault analysis and power system protection


2019 IEEE PES Douglas M. Staszesky Distribution Automation Award, Kevin Schneider

For contributions in reactive power control and conservation voltage reduction 


2019 IEEE PES Leadership in Power Award, Maureen Borkowski

For leadership, advocacy and promotion of diversity in science technology, engineering and math within power systems operations at Ameren Utility


2019 IEEE PES Lifetime Achievement Award, Roy Billinton

For lifetime contributions in power system reliability engineering


2019 IEEE PES Meritorious Service Award, Miroslav Begovic

For contributions to the technical activities and leadership of the IEEE Power & Energy Society


2019 IEEE PES Nari Hingorani Custom Power Award, Arindam Ghosh

For designing and integrating innovative custom power devices in power distribution systems


2019 IEEE PES Outstanding Power Engineering Educator Award, Antonio Gomez-Exposito

For leadership contributions to education, research supervision and scholarly publications


2019 IEEE PES Outstanding Young Engineer Award, Sairaj Dhople

For contributions to the analysis and control of renewable generation and microgrids


2019 IEEE PES Prabha S. Kundur Power System Dynamics and Control Award, Constantine Vournas

For leadership in analysis of voltage collapse and understanding power system dynamic phenomena


2019 IEEE PES Ramakumar Family Renewable Energy Excellence Award, Mohammad Shahidehpour

For contributions to global implementation of renewable energy technologies in networked microgrids


2019 IEEE PES Roy Billinton Power System Reliability Award, Joydeep Mitra

For contributions to research, education and leadership in power system reliability methods


2019 IEEE PES Uno Lamm High Voltage Direct Current Award, Abhay Kumar

For contributions on the development and application of 800 kV Ultra High Voltage Direct Current technology


2019 IEEE PES Wanda Reder Pioneer in Power Award, Ruomei Li

For contributions on power systems and power electronics engineering and for promoting the electrical power sector in China


2019 IEEE PES Prize Paper Award, Authors: Qiuhua Huang and Vijay Vittal
“Integrated Transmission & Distribution System Power Flow & Dynamic Simulation Using Mixed Three-Sequence Three-Phase Modeling” IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, vol. 32, No. 5, pp. 3704-3714, September 2017


2019 IEEE PES Prize Paper Award, Authors: George Anders and Heinrich Brakelmann
“Rating of Underground Power Cables with Boundary Temperature Restrictions”
IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery, vol. 33, No. 4, pp. 1895-1902, August 2018


2019 IEEE PES Working Group Recognition Award — Outstanding Standard or Guide, WG Chair: Mike Nispel WG Vice-Chair: Jim McDowall

IEEE 1679.1, Guide for the Characterization and Evaluation of Lithium-Based Batteries in Stationary Applications (Published Dec 2017)


2019 IEEE PES Working Group Recognition Award – Technical Report, TF Co-Chairs: Kevin W. Jones and Pouyan Pourbeik

TF Vice-Chair/Secretary: Gary Kobet

PES-TR68, Impact of Inverter Based Generation on Bulk Power System Dynamics and Short-Circuit Performance (Published July 2018)

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