Postgraduate Student Showcase Competition

A. Introduction

The Postgraduate Student Showcase Competition (PSSC) is organized and sponsored by Power Electronics Malaysia Chapter of the IEEE Malaysia Section. This year the PSSC will be held in conjunction with PECON 2016. Postgraduate students from universities around the world are invited to present and showcase their projects/inventions/prototypes at the conference. This competition serves as a platform for the students to share their findings with the participants of the conference. It also provides them opportunities to discuss issues related to the project implementations with the experts.

B. Rules and Regulations:

1)     The PSSC organizing committee consists of selected members from PELS Malaysia Chapter as well as local organizing team members of the conference.

2)     The competition is open to all conference participants whose papers are accepted for presentation with the following additional requirements:

  1.  The paper has to be related to power electronics systems.
  2.  The first author of the paper has to be a postgraduate student.
  3.  The paper has to be registered and presented at the conference.

3)     Eligible participants are required to submit a proposal (not more than 2 pages) to the PSSC organizing committee via email to ( before 30th Sept 2016. The proposal must contain a problem statement, proposed solution and proposed showcase (template of the proposal can be downloaded here). Please note that the proposed showcase must match the contents of the paper presented at PECON2016.

4)     Based on the submitted proposals, 10 projects will be shortlisted and notified through emails on 31st October 2016. Shortlisted projects will be invited to participate at the PSSC and are required to bring their showcase and display on the allocated desks in the afternoon, the first day of the conference (28th November 2016). They should be prepared to answer questions related to their showcase from the panel of judges and also demonstrate their showcase to the judges, if required.

5)     The competition will be evaluated by the panel of judges and the winning project showcase will be awarded with prize money as follows:

First place: RM 500 and certificate

Second place: RM 300 and certificate

Third place: RM 200 and certificate

*** All shortlisted participants will be given certificate of participation and entitled for a free Gala Dinner ***


Summary of important dates:

Announcement on accepted papers: 1st September 2016

Closing date for 2-page proposal: 30th September 2016

Announcement of 10 shortlisted projects: 31st October 2016

PGSC event: 28th November 2016, afternoon

Winners announcement: 28th November, Gala Dinner


C. The showcase project

  1. The showcase project has to be directly linked to the papers presented at the conference (PECON2016). Since the competition is sponsored by PELS Malaysia Chapter, the projects that are eligible must be related to power electronics systems.
  2. Only the shortlisted projects are invited to participate in the showcase competition during the conference. Proposed solutions presented in the papers require verifications. In general, PSSC accepts the verification of the proposed methods through:

(i)     Simulations.

For this type of project, the showcase must present the simulation results obtained from the simulator that is used to simulate the system, e.g. MATLAB/Simulink, PSpice, PLECS, etc. This means that the students must have the software installed on their laptops and be prepared to simulate the system to the panel of judges.


(ii)    Experiments

If the experimental set-up is portable, the students must set the experiments on the desk assigned to them. It is the responsible of the students to bring their own equipment such as power supplies, oscilloscope, etc. They need to contact the organizer to arrange for specific needs for their set-up. If the experimental set-up is non-portable, the students need to show videos of their experimental set-up using laptops or otherwise. Remember that the aim of the presentation is to convince the panel of judges on the effectiveness and viability of their proposed solutions.


  1. All shortlisted projects must summarize and display their projects on an A1 size poster. There is no specific format for the poster.


  1. The following is the list of the criteria will be used to evaluate showcase projects:
  • Understanding of scientific principles underlying the project
  • The quality and contents of the poster
  • Functionality and viability of the showcase
  • Communication skills.


Contact Information:

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Organizing Committee of PECON2016

Postgraduate Student Showcase Competition (PSSC)