March 2013

March 2013: As part of the EPICS High program, we have partnered with The Children’s Museum of Somerset County. This is a non-profit organization whose mission is to inspire curiosity, creativity, and nurture a love of learning in younger children(ages 4 -12) through interactive educational exhibits and programs.

Our first EPICS High project with the Children’s Museum of Somerset County of building “Ollie”, an autonomous robot, is currently underway.

“Ollie is an open source blimp-based autonomous and ambient robot that dwells in human habitats. Ollie is observant, often flying in a manner suggesting curiosity for the world around him. Ollie reacts to voices by excitedly flapping his wings, communicating his friendliness and eagerness to be noticed.”




Dr. Valdes teaching the art of soldering to the members of the BRHS iSTEM Club.


Members NIkhil and Chao working on Ollie's wings.

Nikhil and Chao working on Ollie’s wings.

Rohan laying out the material used to make Ollie.

Rohan laying out the material used to make Ollie.