Ozark Section Paper Competition and Region Competitions Launched!

The Region 5 competitions for 2020 have been released!  The Region 5 conference is fun 2-day event attended by the Ozark Section leadership and undergraduate students from our Branches and Affinity groups in Northwest Arkansas, and is a chance to meet other students and IEEE leaders from across the Southwest (Region 5).  Next year’s competition is in Oklahoma City, and will coincide with the GreenTech conference – another ideal publishing opportunity for graduate researchers.

The Ozark Section will be accepting papers from undergraduates to the Section Paper Competition for entry until December 2nd.  Doing a senior design project or honors thesis?  This is a great and easy warmup!

If you want to participate, all you need to do is submit a short < 1 page title and abstract before November 15th.  Awarded papers will go on to the area and regional competition, where awards range in size up to $1000 per entry!  Travel costs for area paper award winners to go to the conference are covered by Region 5.  We’ve had winning papers for the last three years, so we’re looking forward to your excellent work on new papers this fall!

Robotics, circuit design and ethics teams are also eligible from each student section in the Ozark Section.  The rules for each competition is below.  The Ozark Section has funds to pay for transport to the conference on a first-come, first-serve basis, so please notify the section chair, Silke Spiesshoefer (sspiessh@uark.edu) if you are planning to take a team!

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