Matt Francis to serve as East Area Chair for Region 5

Dear Members,

It’s time to announce some big changes for the Ozark Section as we end February and head into March.

It’s been an honor and pleasure to serve as your section chair these last three years.  I’m excited to announce that I have been presented with the opportunity to serve Region 5 as the East Area Chair.  In this role I hope to be able to share many of the great programs we’ve started here in the Ozark Section to sections in Arkansas, Louisiana and East Texas, as well as continue to serve the Ozark Section as a regional advisor.

I’m thrilled to announce that Silke Spiesshofer, our Vice Chair for the last year has agreed to take on the Ozark Section Chair position for the remainder of 2019.  Robert Saunders will be overseeing the Vice Chair position, and Sayan Seal is joining the ExComm as Secretary Treasurer.  This is a great team that will continue to serve the Ozark Section well.

Please extend a warm welcome to Sayan and congratulate Silke and Robert on their new volunteer roles!  Through their efforts the Ozark Section, recognized as the best Small Section in Region 5 last year, is now the 3rd largest section in the East Area, and one of the fastest growing in Region 5.


Matt Francis

East Area Chair, Region 5

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