We are excited to announce that we were awarded the 2020 IEEE Young Professionals Hall of Fame Award. This award is a certification that IEEE Ottawa YPAG has been classified as one of the top YPAGs worldwide based on our 2019 activities. It also represents all the commitment and dedication from our previous and current members lead by Zied Bouida (2018-2019) and Mohamed Emara (2019 – present).

We would like to thank IEEE Canada Board for their continuous support, faculty members from Carleton University, University of Ottawa and Algonquin College (special thanks to Prof. Halim Yanikomeroglu, Prof. Mohamed Ibnkahla, and Prof. Wahab Almuhtadi) for collaborating in organizing events, and our industry contacts who provided speakers and supported our events (special thanks to Michael Lalonde). Thanks also go to IEEE Ottawa Student Branches, IEEE Women In Engineering Ottawa, and IEEE Local Technical societies for organizing joint events and inviting distinguished speakers (special thanks to IEEE ComSoc/CESoc/BTS and IEEE MTT-S).

A special thanks go to Anis Ben Arfi for initiating and supporting our Nomination to the Hall of Fame Award, we are very honoured to see this prestigious award come back to Canada after five years.


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