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Membership Engagement

Newsletter Team

Newsletter Editor
1) Establish policy & Approve content as per this policy.
2) Scrutinize content for spelling & syntax
3) Edit & approve draft for Layout artist (Sharon).

Newsletter Technical Editor
1) Gather inputs received from Chapters for the upcoming Newsletter;
(teach Chapters to post events & articles to Lynx@ieee-oc.org)
3) Include items of interest from Adjacent Sections (e.g. events)
4) Maintain Sponsor list (coordinate w/ fiscal team & website team)
5) Section News (promotions, awards, programs)
6) Create a Word file draft including all of the above and provide draft to Newsletter Editor

Website Team

Webmaster (Ms.Sharon Metzger)
1) Format data supplied by Liaison for display.

Webster Editor
1) Gather inputs received from Chapters for the Calendar
(teach Chapters to post events to calendar@ieee-oc.org)
2) Include events of interest from adjacent Sections and professional societies.
3) Maintain Sponsor list (coordinate w/ fiscal team & newsletter team)
4) Section News (events, submission deadlines, etc)
6) Pass info & formatting suggestions to Webmaster.

Careers Team

Jobs Liaison –
1) Establish job posting policy
2) Serve as Liaison between Section and local industry (HR, no outside recruiters, etc)
3) Collect local job information (inside OC & within communting distance) for posting to the Jobs List (IEEE-OC-Jobs@).
4) Approve posts to Jobs list.

Career Fair Manager
1) Select Venue
2) Recruit industry (hiring managers, HR Depts, no outside recruiters)
3) Solicit reimbursement from recruiters
4) Advertise via in IEEE email lists and on IEEE Websites.

Membership Team
These may each be offices or committees as the team chooses.
1) Membership – devise & implement plans to retain & increase membership
2) Engagement – devise & implement plans to increase member Section engagement
3) Volunteers – recruit volunteers