Executive Officers

Chair (2020, 2021)
Irvin Huang

Vice-Chair (2020, 2021)
Alberto Tam Yong

Treasurer (2020, 2021)
Gora Data

Secretary (2020, 2021)
Nick Massetti

Past Chair (2020, 2021)
Raja Khabbaz

OC Chapter Chairs: 2018-19

Dr. Lan Nguyen

Product Safety Engineering Society (PSES)
Homi Ahmadi

Affinity and SIG Chairs: 2018-19

William Fisher

Gora Datta

Megha Sood

Student Branch Chairs: 2020-21

California State University, Fullerton (CSUF)
David Cheng – Faculty Sponsor
Juan Aguilar – Chair
Erika Lee, Rayleene Murrieta – Vice Chair
Eric Alcala – Treasurer
Albert Yung – Fundraising and Sponsorships
Paul Mandal – Project Manager
Luis Toledo – Parts Manager
Emmanuel Villegas – Parts Manager

Michael Fahy – Faculty Advisor
Brandon Fabre – Chair
Arshia Sharma – Vice-Chair
Abigail Bechtel – Secretary
Michael Kulinich – Treasurer

Nathan Bernardo – Chair/President
Alan Wong – Vice President
Sienna Brown – Treasurer
John Yu – SecretaryUCI Advisor: adviser, Q.V Dang
Advisory Board

Corporate Outreach Committee
Michael Fahy

Director – Communications
Nick Massetti

Education Activities
Kumar Ramajayam

Government Activities
Gora Datta

Listserve/Email Manager
Christine Ruther

Membership Development 
Arie Shen

Newsletter Editor
Nick Massetti

PACE & Student Activities
David Cheng

Gora Datta

Website Editor
Russell Hunter