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The Chair’s Corner: April 2013

A Happy Spring to Fellow IEEE Members –

As promised, here is your monthly reminder about volunteering. We now encourage the formation of  Teams of Outstanding Volunteers. The teams and their tasks are on the website. Click here to see how you can help your industry, your community, your IEEE, and yourself:

See our IEEE-OC Section Calendar here. Bookmark the calendar on your browser tool bar to keep abreast of current IEEE OC events:

Your IEEE GameSIG members have devoted the month of March to getting ready for the Second Annual IEEE GameSIG Intercollegiate Computer Game Showcase which will be held beginning at 2:00PM at UCI on Saturday April 27th.  You are all invited. Bring your parents, grand parents, and your teenage children to cheer for your favorite college at this free event. Last year’s Showcase at Chapman University was a blast. Two hours of Fun & Games, followed by two hours of Food, Networking, Recruiting, and Fun & Games. Ya’ll come. RSVP here:

Our Aerospace & Electronics Systems Society (AESS) is presenting an exciting talk on the future of Space Exploration and its effect on our society and economy entitled Crossing the Threshold: The Case for Increasing Our Exploration of Space.  The lecture will by given Mr Paul Wieland, P.E, M.E., Author, and former ISS Life Support Systems Engineer.  His talk’s tagline is: “The Beginning Is Near”.

We have also included a link to this year’s OC-AIAA Aerospace Systems and Technology  Conference (ASAT) at the DoubleTree Club for a few of reasons: firstly – a sample small local OC conference at the DoubleTree Club that we could use as a model for the Section’s proposed Center for Multidisciplinary Innovation (CMI) conference in the fall; secondly – to promote our local Aerospace industry; thirdly – as a cross disciplinary networking opportunity for our members; and fourthly – IEEE-OC AESS Chapter members will be speaking – ya’ll come.

Business Card-Sized Ads:

This month we are beta testing free business card-sized ads for our members. This is a great opportunity for members to promote their new and small businesses or consulting services by just posting their business cards. Please email qualifying PDF or JPG files (as defined on page 2) to or click here:

We will be beta testing another new section next month where you the members can post various IEEE Society Calls for Papers (CFPs). If you get CFPs from a society, please extract the useful information, along with a link to the details, and email them to It is best if you edit the CFP yourself before submitting it to Lynx since you know best what is appropriate for your own society. Presenting a paper about your work is so beneficial for your industry, your company and your career! Let’s give this a go!

All My Best,
Dr Don V Black, Visionary
IEEE-OC Section Chair
chair (at)
(949) 548-1969

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