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The Chair’s Corner: March 2013


My Dear Fellow IEEE Members –

The future economic health of Orange County lies in economic growth. Economic growth is fostered by new business and new technology.  You and the IEEE can help by creating an environment in which new technology can develop and new businesses can prosper.

Innovation occurs at both ends of the business power spectrum – i.e. the start-up and the mature business; the mom-n-pop shop and the corporation. Full employment comes with economic growth – a demand for productivity and labor. Lets give Silicon Valley a run for its money. Added productivity drives new jobs in all sectors – its a win-win game.

New IEEE Section Programs

Free Business Card Ads for our members in the newsletter. Send a clean, sharp .PDF of your card to and our Newsletter Team will add it to the newsletter and our website.  For now, you can renew every month for free.

Industrial Spotlight – A new OCCS program to spotlight a different local business every month in exchange for fiscal support.

IEEE Volunteers of Orange County

Join “IEEE Volunteers of Orange County”. Send your name & email address to our Volunteers list and get notices when your help is needed:

Center for Multidisciplinary Innovation

Virtual Incubator Initiative – The IEEE Section will join  a team of both IEEE members and non-members to study, recommend, and implement a Virtual Incubator to support technological innovation. (See Wikipedia – )

Innovation Conference – We will join other local Professional Societies to produce the first IEEE-OC Section multidisciplinary conference on Innovation. This will be profitable, educational, fun, and lead to new technologies and new industries.

Call for volunteers for our IEEE Infrastructure. (Note: The Section Secretary is Communications Chair; The Section Treasurer is the Fiscal Chair, The Section Vice Chair is the New Initiatives Chair)

Newsletter Team

Thank you, Dr. Hector de los Santos, for your seven years of outstanding service as Newsletter Editor. It sorrows me to replace you. Thank you for offering to train your replacements.

Newsletter Editor* – Responsible for the Lynx Newsletter content. All Lynx articles are now to be emailed to

Newsletter Liaison – Help Chapter Chairs get articles & events into the Newsletter.

Website Team

Website Editor & Liaison – Responsible for Website content and helping Chapters effectively use the Website and Social Media (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc). Huge marketing opportunity here. The Chair wishes to create new Web Pages devoted to: Conferences – Local; Conferences – International; Call for Papers (CfP); Extant Incubators (many in The OC)

Careers Team

Jobs Liaison – Acts as Liaison between local industry recruiters and IEEE. Responsible for content of Jobs eMail List.

Career Fair Manager – Manage the annual IEEE Career Fair.

Funding Team will identify funding strategies and sources for worthy Section and Chapter initiatives.

Interdisciplinary Team – Establish relationships with members of other professional engineering societies to achieve our common goals.  Aerospace and Communications are huge in The OC.

Section Advisory Board – Consisting of: Industry Leaders; Academic Leaders; Professional Engineering Society Leaders; Community Leaders.

In my Papa’s words: ”Planning is essential, but plans are no damn good”. My plan is to continue to remind you of our Volunteer Opportunities until they are filled.

Sign up online for IEEE [Infrastructure] Volunteer Opportunities here: or send a blank email from your subscribing client here:

All My Best,
Dr Don V Black, Section Chair

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