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The Chair’s Corner: February 2013

Dear Fellow IEEE Members and Friends –

Many corporations in Orange County have Foundations established specifically to fund the class of STEM events that the OC Section envisions.  Since the Orange County high tech industry is vitally interested in promoting STEM programs for the community that supports them, each of our upcoming STEM events will be accompanied by a one page executive summary and request for funding.  We hope that our IEEE volunteers will see fit to present these proposals to their employers for consideration. Please contact the Section treasurer, Dr Shireesh Verma (shireesh (at) with your contact information and the name of the corporation or foundation that may support our efforts.

I invite you to join the Section’s Financial Committee to support this worthy effort with your valuable time and experience.  Please contact our Treasurer, Dr. Shireesh Verma (shireesh (at), or myself, Dr Don V Black (dblack (at)  Our phone numbers are on the Officer’s page.  Our aforementioned STEM proposals will be posted on this website by the Financial Committee.

We have some exciting events for you next month, so get ready. The March 2nd Awards Dinner, is a triple threat…

Dinner, Strings, & Romance – a special thank you…
Would you enjoy a dinner party serenaded by a string quartet for only $25?  Bring your special someone, maybe as a thank you for supporting your time away from home as an IEEE volunteer. The Awards Banquet is an extraordinary evening for two for only $50. You can use your iDollars**.  Please RSVP via Eventbrite,  by clicking here :

And A Dinner Talk by Rocket Scientist Dr. Marc Rayman about our spacecraft now orbiting asteroids…
NASA’s Chief Propulsion Engineer and Dawn Mission Chief Scientist and Program Director,entitled “To Boldly Go — NASA’s Dawn Mission to the Asteroid Belt“. Dr Marc Rayman (who has an asteroid named for him) will give a fascinating and entertaining presentation on the Dawn mission and its use of ion propulsion as well as its two exotic destinations, Ceres and Vesta. Dr Rayman will also share the excitement and profundity of controlling a space-craft in deep space. Dawn was launched in 2007, passed with in 529 km of Mars for gravity assist in 2009, orbited Vesta in 2011-2012 (see the Vesta video) and will orbit Ceres in 2015. Again, you can use your iDollars**.  This is same event as above, so again, please RSVP via Eventbrite,  by clicking here :

The Center for Multidisciplinary Innovation
I wish to bring your attention to the formation of The Center for Multidisciplinary Innovation Organizing Committee to research and support innovation in Orange County and further the goals of the IEEE. Please contact Anil Pattni ( ochackerz (at) ) for information or to join the CMI Organizing Committee.  I am quite excited about the possibilities this opens for OC inventors and innovators. Lookout Silicon Valley, here we come. Watch this space for The Next Big Thing.

All My Best,
Dr Don V Black, Chair
IEEE OC Section

**Your  2012 iDollars are expiring
50 iDollars are awarded to our IEEE volunteers.  These iDollars can be used to defray the costs of attending IEEE-OC Section events (only).  Please contact our Treasurer if you are a Volunteer and have not yet received your 2012 iDollars. The 2012 iDollars can be used for the Awards Banquet, after which, the 2012 iDollars will expire.

Vesta Video:
Ceres, dwarf planet:
Vesta, dwarf planet:
Awards Banquet dinner & talk RSVP:

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