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The Chair’s Corner: January 2013

Think globally, act locally.  VOLUNTEER.

Fellow Engineers and Engineers-To-Be –

We have big challenges facing us in 2013. But we can and will overcome them. Among these are 1) a yet-to-be-balanced budget, 2) helping our children get ready for college, 3) The Economy, and 4) under-employment.  These national issues are reflected here in Orange County and in its IEEE. The IEEE-OC is well positioned to address these issues, and with your help, this year’s IEEE-OC can do so.

Firstly, we shall balance the Orange County Section budget by cutting superfluous expense, and encouraging our generous local industry to contribute back to the Engineering Community. Our exceptional IEEE Volunteers and Friends can make this happen by engaging their fellow engineers and corporate leadership.

Secondly, we shall extend our STEM out-reach to promote college preparation at the Elementary School through Middle School levels as well as High School.  The college preparation skills that we envision shall also be the very same skills that will be required by the 21st Century workforce, hence these skills will enhance the students success whether or not they elect the college experience. We shall also restore America’s traditional appreciation for STEM in our children.

Thirdly, we intend to address Economic Issues via the promotion of technological innovation with symposia and colloquia, networking, and support for high tech incubators. We will help to create an environment in the High Tech Coast conducive to building new businesses and new industries.
Finally, we shall aggressively help our unemployed members with their job searches via multi-disciplinary networking across professional societies, and training for the skill sets required in the 21st Century workplace, and a local jobs database.

But we can do nothing without your help. We are all volunteers.  You must volunteer to do your part to:

1) Balance the budget by finding grants, e.g. via your employer’s foundation;
2) Share your STEM expertise with teachers and students in and out of the classroom, or take a class to work with you;
3) Support innovation in your workplace, be novel, open new markets, or start a new company or a new industry;
4) Let the IEEE know of openings in your company, what skill sets are and will be required, on what training should we focus, provide us with speakers & trainers, manage a Jobs mail list and web site.

Its all available to you when we help each other. Volunteer. We can do great things together. We do really need you. Let us continue this dialog, and reflect it in action, with your help.

Read the following Forbes article entitled
“Volunteering – A Great Way To Learn Real Executive Leadership”.

All My Best,
Dr. Don V Black, Chairman
IEEE Orange County Section, CA

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