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About Us

The EMC Society encompasses the design, integration, testing and analysis of electrotechnology products and systems to control electromagnetic interference. It strives for EMC enhancement through the generation of engineering standards, measurement techniques, instrumentation and procedures, the study of equipment and systems characteristics, improved techniques and devices for EMI control, education in EMC and studies of the origins of interference.

The EMC Society promotes close cooperation and exchange of technical information among its members and other professional societies. To facilitate the exchange, local chapter and annual international symposia meetings are held for the presentation of papers, workshops and tutorial sessions and for the meeting of the EMC-S’s various committee meetings. More than 4,000 members of the Society are active in more than 60 chapters world-wide, while several new chapters are under construction.

The EMC Society of the IEEE was founded on October 10, 1957, when the IRE approved the petition signed by 326 engineers wishing to form a Professional Group on Radio Frequency Interference. Since then, the contributions made by the EMC Society have been numerous. In 2007, the EMC Society celebrated its 50th anniversary.

We at the Orange County chapter, of the IEEE EMC Society, are dedicated to providing professionals in the industry with technical instruction and access to the latest information. At the same time, we aim to build a network of professionals in EMC design, test, and those in the EMC products/equipment field. This network is a valuable tool regardless if you are an entry level technician or an EMC guru.

Meetings are held 5-6 times per year in Orange County, they are free, include dinner, and non-IEEE members are welcome.

If you would like to receive meeting notices please sign-up for our chapter newsletter . You can also check our Chapter Meeting section for information on the next meeting, as well as other compliance related events in and around Orange County, California.

(CH06123 – Orange County Section Chapter, EMC27)