Membership to the CyberSecurity SIG is free and open to all interested parties.

This is our mission:
   We support monthly meetings of topics of interest.

  • Presentations. Topics of general interest.
  • Seminars        Technical descriptions of particular topics.
  • Workshops.     Hands-on activities.

We support education We will have listings of resources in CyberSecurity:

  • MOOC Classes
  • On-line Classes
  • Brick & Mortar Classes.

We provide resources:

  • Electronic books (available for download)
  • Book listings (for purchase)
  • Articles & papers (available for download)
  • Software Links
  • Software (available for download)
  • Links to other resources (Academic, Government, Professional, Corporate)

We support Certification of members.

  • By providing resources.
  • By holding Workshops & Seminars
  • Mentor program (as volunteers are available)
  • Academic resources in certification

We are an agnostic organization and support:

  • Publication of activities in other organizations
  • CyberSecurity SIG formation outside of our own