With a better understanding of hacking you get a better understanding of defence against hacking. To know your enemy is to defeat him/her.

It’s difficult to separate hacking from cyber security. The two areas are closely intertwined with cyber security being the inverse of hacking. Hacking attempts to subvert a system and cyber security attempts to shield a system from subversion. I can’t say this this section makes this separation completely however most material deals exclusively with subversion and less with prevention, although there are some exceptions. The intent is to bring forward those explicit tools and techniques which support and facilitate subversion. In this regard there are some excellent resources, mostly among the book listing.

The different sections can be categorized as follows:

  • Articles: Have little technical heft and can be considered as light reading.
  • Research & Reports: Requires a level of expertise ranging from familiar to experienced.
  • Books: Surveys and didactic material suitable for in-depth learning. Generally texts with large heft.
  • Resources: Other web sites containing matrial similar to this page. Allows extanded learning.
  • References: Additional material nnot directly related to cyber security.


Research & Reports