Airline CyberSecurity

The ability to gain control of vital airplane functions, hacking the plane, is a fundamental concern. A ‘hacked’ plane can be obliged to fly at the bidding of a third party to do things against the safety of passengers and crew. And hacking has been performed.

Materials describing the hacking efforts and mitigation efforts seems to be divided int pre- and post-2016. The pre-2016 material is more extensive than the post-206 material. In particular, the FAA now has guidelines for anti-hacking but these guidelines are not available to the public as of this writing. Although pre-2016 material is slender, post-2016 material goes beyond this to be almost invisible. My guess is that either anti-hacking efforts have grown much better or that the Government has felt it better to conceal than reveal attempts and successful thwarting of attempts.

If you come across a legally available additional material, please send it to us for inclusion.

The different sections can be categorized as follows:

  • Articles: Have little technical heft and can be considered as light reading, opiniions, and conjectures as the state of the craft.
  • Research & Reports: Requires a level of expertise ranging from familiar to experienced. The items generally assume some non-trivial level of understanding of Cyber Security and/or Machine learning.
  • Books: Surveys and didactic material suitable for in-depth learning. Generally texts with large heft.
  • Resources: Other web sites containing matrial similar to this page. Allows extanded learning.
  • References: Additional material nnot directly related to cyber security.


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