Hacking Software and Hardware

A list of Software and Hardware for hacking. Non-ethical hackers are invited to go elsewhere.

This page lists the items but does provide any descriptive material. The descriptive material can be found in the documents. In regard to software, a rather good way to proceed is to download Kali Linux Operating System and install in onto a bootable USB Flash Drive. The Kali Linux Operating System has some (or all) of the software tools mentioned on this page.

Hak5 is an excellect place to look for hardware and YouTube videos. The videos go through the A-Z of a number of interesting topics including hacking devices.

Another place to look for hardwaere devices is on Amazon or eBay. Both places have devices mentioned on this page.

Air Replay: Software

Murder Death Kill (MDK) Software

Penetration Testing with Metasploit Software

Pineapple H/W

Rubber Ducky

Hacking Software