Links to software specifically identified as having a role in CyberSecurity are provided. All software is freeware. There is no fee. The linked sites contain either executables, source code or both.

Source code links are provided. They can be compiled and/or analyzed at members convenience. The thought being that even if members do not compile the software, they still have some use in learning CyberSecurity.

The CyberSecurity SIG has not compiled or authenticated any software except incidentally. The SIG does not accept responsibility for software usefulness or use.

There is a Linux Ubuntu download at Security Onion with many of the security software options pre-loaded.

File Integrity Management
Download Sites
Shareware Junction
Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS)
Download Sites
Data Loss Prevention
Download Sites
ICAP server for Data Loss Prevention using Machine Learning
Open DLP
CrypTool: Encrypt/Decrypt/Cryptanalysis Classical and Modern
Cyberwar: Cyber Security tools list 2014
CNet Download Site
CNET Open Source Download Site
DELDroid: Least Privilege Analyzer of Android Applications – See 22 Mar Presentation
DHS: Open Source Cybersecurity Catalog
DHS: US homeland security investing in OSS cybersecurity projects
GITHub: Intrusion Detection
GITHub: Pen Testing Software
GITHub: Threat Analysis
Link to Software & Other Resources
iSpy: Open Source Camera Security Software
Kali Linux Operating System
Logalyze: Log Analyzer
Open Source Security Nestle
Winsite Software Repository