The book listing is for books relevant to Cryptography and Cryptanalysis. They range through CyberSecurity issues and the general field of Cryptography/Cryptanalysis. This site will be augmented with new books as they become available.

If you see a book is legally downloadable which should be included in this collection, please send us the book title and link and we will include it.

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Cryptography Books & Papers
A Cryptographic Compendium
A Gentle Introduction to Elliptic Curve Cryptography
A Graduate Course in Applied Cryptography
An Overview of Public Key Cryptography
Applications of Number Theory in Cryptology
Applied Cryptography (Schneier)
Classic Codes and Ciphers
Codes and Ciphers
Communication Theory of Secrecy Systems
Computers and Network Security
Cryptography: An Introduction
Cryptography: Just for Beginners
Cryptography in C and C++
Cryptology for Beginners
Differential Cryptanalysis
Elementary Number Theory with Programming
Entropy Based Encryption
Handbook of Applied Cryptography
Introduction to Modern Cryptography
Lecture Notes on Cryptography
Lecture Notes on Cryptography (Stanford)
Lecture Notes on Cryptography (UCSD)
Mathematical Cryptology
Modern_Cryptography Probalistic Proofs and Pseudo-randomness
Public Key Cryptography and the RSA Cryptosystem
RIJNDAEL Advanced Encryption Standard Description
Rijndael (AES) Algorithm
The Code Book
The CrypTool Book: Learning and Experiencing Cryptography with CrypTool and SageMath (Home Page)
The Laws Of Cryptography with Java Code
The Mathematics of Encryption: An Elementary Introduction
The Secret Language
Understanding Cryptography
Cryptography Resources
Codes, Ciphers, Encryption and Cryptography
Crypto Corner: Codes and Ciphers