Member Resources

IEEE CPMT OC Chapter – Member Resources (2015)

Technical Meeting #1:

Copper Pillar VS. Solder Bump: Which is More Reliable?: Craig Hillman – Mar. 03, 2015

Information Flier: IEEE_CPMT_OC_Chapter_03032015_craighillman

Speaker Presentation: Solder Bump vs. Copper Pillar_ver3


IEEE CPMT OC Chapter – Member Resources (2014)

Technical Meeting #1:

Micro-Transfer-Printing of Microscale Semiconductor Devices: Chris Bower Feb. 11, 2014

Information Flier: IEEE_CPMT_OC_Chapter_01242013_02112014ChrisBower

Speaker Presentation: CPMT_2014.02.11_V1_uTP


Technical Meeting #2:

Latest Technologies for high value Capacitors and Inductors integrated with Silicon Interposers: Franck Murray Jun. 10, 2014

Information Flier: IEEE_CPMT_OC_Chapter_06102014FranckMurray

Speaker Presentation: 10062014_IEEE_IPDIA_LETI_OC


Technical Meeting #3:

The Development of Advanced Leadframes: Emerson Erazo July. 17, 2014

Information Flier: IEEE_CPMT_OC_Chapter_07172014


Technical Meeting #4:

Advance Package Failure Analysis Methods: Winfield Scott Aug. 19, 2014

Information Flier: IEEE_CPMT_OC_Chapter_Aug_19_2014_Winfield_Scott


Technical Meeting #5:

Glass as a Core Packaging Platform for Next Generation Electronic Devices: Tim Mobley – Oct. 07, 2014

Information Flier: IEEE_CPMT_OC_Chapter_10072014_Tim_Mobley


Technical Meeting #6:

The Origins of Silicon Valley: Why and How It Happened: Paul Wesling Nov. 18, 2014

Information Flier: IEEE_CPMT_OC_Chapter_11182014_Paul_Wesling


Technical Meeting #7:

Internet of Things: Technologies Enabling The Revolution Dec. 5, 2014

Information Flier: IEEE_Calit2_Dec_05_IoT_10_30_14

Speaker Presentation: BBottoms_Packaging Challenges UC Irvine 12-5-2014 Distribution copy   DPatel_IEEE_CPMT-5Dec14-FINAL   GPLi_iot uci 12052014   JDews_IOT Conference Slides – Distribution Version 12.12.14 – Final JLim_High_Speed_Serial_Link_12_5_2014   LWilliams_IoT_ Workshop_Simulation Advances for IoT Devices   MAhmad_December IoE Presentation Cisco   MBachmanM_IEEE_SensorsIoT   MCheng – m2m landscape 2014-12-05 TLenihan_Wearables


IEEE CPMT OC Chapter – Member Resources (2013)

Technical Meeting #1: 

DRAM Market Forces of Fragmentation & Consolidation:  Bill Gervasi  – April 30, 2013

Information Flier: IEEE_CPMT_OC_Chapter_Apr_2013_Bill Gervasi

Speaker Presentation:  IEEE CPMT OC Chapter_Speaker Presentation_Discobolus Designs


Technical Meeting #2: 

Recent Advances in Anisotropic Conductive Films (ACFs) TechnologyKyung W. Paik –  June 4, 2013

Information Flier:  IEEE_CPMT_OC_Chapter_04_June_2013_Professor Paik

Speaker Presentation:   2013 IEEE CPMT Orange Chapter


Technical Meeting #3: 

The Latest Technology Trend of Packaging Materials for Power Devices: Ken Uchida –  June 25, 2013

Information Flier:  IEEE_CPMT_OC_Chapter_25_June_2013_Ken Uchida

Speaker Presentation:   130623_IEEE_kyocera_chemical


Workshop #1:  


Information Flier:  IEEE_CPMT_OC_Chapter_July_19_2013_SI_Fundamentals_v1.7

Speaker Presenations:

(1) differential – 2013-07-15_secure

(2) Equalization – 2013-07-15_secure

(3) PDA – 2013-07-15_secure

(4) transmssion line fundamentals-07172013_secure


Technical Meeting #4:

Wafer Bonding Enables New Technologies and Applications for 3D-IC:  Mark Franklin – August 29, 2013

Information Flier: IEEE_CPMT_OC_Chapter_29_August_2013_Mark Franklin

Speaker Presentation:  Wafer Bonding Enables New Technologies and Applications


Technical Meeting #5:

Integrated Circuit ESD/Latch-up Mechanisms and Testing: Barry Fernellius – September 12, 2013

Information Flier: IEEE_CPMT_OC_Chapter_12_September_2013_Barry Fernelius

Speaker Presentation:  Latch-up_at_EAG_IEEE_September_2013


Tutorial #1:

Polymers in Electronic Packaging Afternoon TutorialJeff Gotro – October 17, 2013

Information Flier:  IEEE_CPMT_OC_Chapter_October_17_2013_Polymers_Tutorial

Speaker Presentation:  Coming Soon!