Jun. 10, 2014 Latest Technologies for high value Capacitors and Inductors integrated with Silicon Interposers

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Latest Technologies for high value Capacitors and Inductors integrated with Silicon Interposers

 Franck Murray CEO, IPDIA

Hughes Metras VP Strategic Partnership, CEA-LETI, Visiting Staff at Caltech


The integration of passive components in silicon enables various benefits such as form factor improvement, loss reduction but also higher reliability and robustness. To minimize the area required by these passives, IPDiA has developed a Passive Integrated Connecting Substrate offering the capability to integrate 100’s of SMD components in one piece of Silicon. The presentation will detail IPDIA Silicon Integrated Passive Components: high density isolated capacitors, polysilicon resistors, zener diodes and copper inductors. In addition, the capabilities of the research institute Leti to contribute to the development and stabilization of innovative material and process solutions will be illustrated.


Franck Murray is presently the CEO of IPDIA, a company that he started in June 2009. IPDIA is developing, manufacturing and selling Integrated Passive Devices. IPDIA is generating 20+ M$ of sales (with a yearly growth above 50%) and has 120 employees. Since its start, IPDIA has a worldwide commercial presence and sells 90% outside Europe. Franck got his Engineer Degree from Ecole Centrale de Paris in 1984 and an MBA at ESSEC (Paris) in 2003. He has also a PhD in Physics. After his PhD, his first experience was with Philips in the development of LEDs. This first experience led him to create a start up in Material Analysis and then move to a position of CTO of a start up in the field of optical disk. He came back to Philips in 1996 (becoming NXP in 2006) to occupy various positions in Operations in Semiconductors Wafer Fab. He moved to Corporate Innovation and R&D in 2000 with the assignment to develop new technologies and design tools and find new ways to miniaturize electronic devices. He also occupied several technology related corporate positions. This led to the creation of advanced and original technologies to integrate passives devices into Silicon wafers. All this work has constituted the roots of today’s IPDiA technologies.

Date: Tuesday, June 10, 2014

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