I was born and grown up in Mumbai. In school, I was a playful girl and my parents were always concerned about my studies. Over time things changed and I decided to do my carrier in Biotechnology. I got admission to one of the best university in my study area, in The University of Mumbai, Mumbai, India and I completed my B.Sc. and M.Sc. with good grades. I stood first in my Masters Biotechnology project from the entire university and it helped me to get my first assistant professor job. Due to my good academic records, although I was just a freshly graduated masters student I got a chance to teach masters-level students.

I love talking and it reflected in my job. I gave my best during my job and all my students perceived a minimum of 75% to a maximum of 96% in their final university exams and that made me fall in love with teaching. I continued to work for 2.5 years as an assistant professor in the field of Biochemistry and then with the gained experience, and my journal publication I decided to apply for a PhD position in Australia. I succeeded to get a fully funded scholarship holder PhD position at Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia. I came to Sydney for doing my PhD studies and on the fifteenth day of my PhD, my supervisor left me as she got a new job in another university. I had to change my PhD topic from Gold Nanotechnology Science background to all the way new field of early detection of side effects of chemotherapy on kidney in Biomedical Engineering. In my whole department, I’m only one person who has a base study from pure science-oriented Biotechnology background and doing a PhD in Biomedical Engineering background, having zero bases in engineering.

The transition phase from pure Biotechnology to Biomedical engineering student was not an easy job for me. But I decided to fight against my reality and gained all the required knowledge which I need for my research work. I decided to consider it as an opportunity to get more knowledge in engineering; as very few Biotechnologists get chance to work in advanced engineering research labs.  In my second year, I won the HDR competition and got second prize in engineering project presentation and that significantly boosted my confidence. Currently, I’m in my 2.3 years of PhD and planning to submit my work at the end of this year. I explore engineering research in a Biotechnologist way, it’s my style. My research experience at Macquarie University has significantly offered me to explore my best with full swing. Hope my both experiences will help me to establish myself as a renowned researcher in the Biomedical field in future! Well, I’m hoping for the best!