SC-3 Operations, Maintenance, Aging, Testing and Reliability IEEE

SC-3 Operations, Maintenance, Aging, Testing and Reliability

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Subcommittee 3 is responsible for the NPEC standards related to the treatment of matters relating to the operations, maintenance, aging monitoring, and surveillance testing, and the treatment of all matters relating to analysis of the reliability of electrical and electronic systems and equipment for nuclear power generating stations and facilities. Included is the development of system requirements and methods for monitoring, maintaining, and testing of safety-significant equipment during construction, plant startup and operation, the coordination of nuclear standards, the sponsorship of technical sessions, the preparation of and review of technical papers, the dissemination of information to the industry on new developments and the advancement of nuclear engineering with students and educational institutions.

The following NPEC Qualification Standards are maintained by SC-3.  WG internal documents are maintained within iMeet Central.  Please contact the WG chair if you require access to iMeet Central.  If you have forgotten our access credentials, contact the Subcommittee vice-chair for assistance.

Click here for a list of the SC-3 members and corresponding members as of July 2020.

Working Group Standard Title/Scope Chair
WG 3.1
IEEE Std 336 Guide for Installation, Inspection, and Testing Requirements for Power, Instrumentation, and Control Equipment at Nuclear Facilities Yvonne Williams
IEEE Std 338 Standard Criteria for Periodic Testing of Nuclear Power Generating Stations
IEEE Std 1819 IEEE Standard for Risk-Informed Categorization and Treatment of Electrical and Electronic Equipment at Nuclear Power Generating Stations and Other Nuclear Facilities
WG 3.2
Security Systems
IEEE Std 692 Standard Criteria for Security Systems for Nuclear Power Generating Stations
(will be allowed to expire in December 2023)
WG 3.3
IEEE Std 352 Guide for General Principles of Reliability Analysis of Nuclear Power Generating Station Safety Systems Khoi Nguyen
IEEE Std 577 IEEE Standard Requirements for Reliability Analysis in the Design and Operation of Safety Systems for NPGS
IEEE Std 933 Guide for the Definition of Reliability Program Plans for Nuclear Power Generating Stations
WG 3.4
Aging Assessment
IEEE Std 1205 Guide for Assessing, Monitoring, and Mitigating Aging Effects on Class 1E Equipment Used in Nuclear Power Generating Stations Rebecca Steinman

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