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Hydro Scheduling in Competitive Electricity Markets

Hydro Scheduling in Competive Electricity Markets 2008

The workshop will provide a structured presentation of the principles, status and experiences of hydro scheduling in electricity markets, and will provide a basis for understanding the developments that are taking place in the industry. The presentations will focus on methodologies, applications and experiences ranging from long term scheduling to mid-term and to short term. operation. Risk management will also be addressed

The presentations will be in the form of lectures and discussions and will include opportunities for direct interaction with the presenters.

The workshop is aimed at managers, technologists and financial experts who are involved in hydro scheduling, the trading and marketing sectors.


Distributed Processing in Stochastic Multi-stage Hydroscheduling

Christophe Boubien
Hydro management in EdF

André Diniz
A Four-Dimensional Model of Hydro Generation for the Short Term Hydrothermal Dispatch Problem Considering Head and Spillage Effects

Gerard Doorman
Hydro Scheduling in Competitive Electricity Markets–Organization and Overview

Donald Druce (BChydro)

Birger Mo (SINTEF Energy Research)
Status and recent development of models for long and medium-term scheduling

Sergio Nogales Becerra
Challenges related to changing environments

Manitoba Hydro’s Resource Planning
Interactions and Risks

Oddbjørn Bruland (Statkraft Energy)
Short-term inflow forecasting –principles and experience

João P. S. Catalão (UBI)
Short-term inflow forecasting –principles and experience

Niko A. ILIADIS (EnerCoRD)
Hydroelectric stochastic risk management modelling using CVaR:an SDDP approach

Luiz A. Barroso (PSR)

Torjus F. Bolkesjø (Point Carbon)
Applying SDDP for forecastingthe Nordic power market –experiences and challenges

Snorre Mossing (Statkraft)
Hydro scheduling in Balkan(SEE) region

Snorre Mossing (Statkraft)
Hydro scheduling in Balkan(SEE) region