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“Variable Voltage Transformers for MV Heater Control” & “Power and Instrument Transformer Failures – Root Causes and Modern Methods Used to Mitigate Risk”

Wednesday, March 8th, 2017, 6:00 to 8:30pm, doors open at 5:30pm

Wednesday Back-to-Back Technical Seminars

First Hour: “Variable Voltage Transformers for MV Heater Control”

Presented By: Timothy Bichler

Technical Seminar Abstract:

Power electronic devices are the standard solution for low voltage heater control, however, cost and harmonic issues are amplified for medium voltage heater applications. To provide a medium voltage alternative at significantly less cost, this paper details modifications and testing that evolved part range, load tap changing, voltage regulators into full range variable voltage transformers for medium voltage heater control. From the initial minor modifications that converted autotransformers into 16 tap isolation transformers, the development moves on to inclusion of secondary base windings that bring 32 taps into play for refined control. Three-phase solutions and addition of medium voltage interrupters from the utility industry round out an economical solution for stand-alone, medium voltage heater operation that avoids the harmonic issues of other heater control technologies.

Second Hour: “Power and Instrument Transformer Failures – Root Causes and Modern Methods Used to Mitigate Risk”

Presented By: Dr. Tamer Mellik and Scott Basinger

Technical Seminar Abstract:

This presentation will examine recent power and instrument transformer failures involving primary circuit switching. Risk factors including circuit breaker current chop /re-strike, system configurations, transformer characteristics as well as transient and ferroresonance effects that contributed to these equipment failures will be explained. This presentation will share experiences gained from fifty world-wide distribution system studies using EMTP and PSCAD transient analysis software. The presenter will describe actual equipment failure case studies (power transformers and voltage transformers) to illustrate root causes, simulations, field measurements, and recommended solutions that have proven successful in mitigating breaker switching transients. This seminar is directed to those EE professionals involved in the design, specification, implementation and protection of critical industrial power systems with inherent characteristics associated with switching transient events.

From left to right: Piero Aquino-Meza (IAS/PES volunteer), Tamer Mellik, Scott Basinger, Tim Bichler

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