WIE Seminar held in University of Ibadan

The annual Women in Engineering (WIE-IEEE) University of Ibadan Student Branch took place on Thursday 12th December, 2019. The program was themed Disruptive technologies and Product Management. The goal of the event was to encourage ladies in the tech space of the university community to continually think up outstanding innovations that would alter the world systems for the best and at the same time ensure that suitable efforts are made towards ensuring the innovations meet the consumer’s needs.

The event started by 1:30 pm (GMT+1) with over seventy ladies in attendance. There were three sessions on the theme by three speakers. The first speaker- Motunrayo Ogunmola (a STEAM NGO founder) talked on the future of Tech with current and emerging disruptive technologies, the universal implication and the roles many women have played in these areas. Also an intensive session on Product Management was delivered by Dr. (Mrs.) Adepeju Opaleye (an Industrial & Production Engineer). The necessary basics on the aforementioned subject were taught on various opportunities in this field.
There was also a webinar session taken by Marvelous Adebayo (an Analyst at Goldman Sachs), a one- time Chair-person of Women in Engineering, UISB. It was refreshing seeing someone whom we’ve fondly watched soar encourage us in ways to take up innovations and the mode of thinking we need to take up as tech enthusiasts.
There were Question and Answer Sessions, various intellectual games conducted and an
awareness session on Intellectual Property Club, as people who are interested in innovations must know how to protect it as well. The event ended by 4:20 pm (GMT+1) with a photography, session for the ladies, and the sharing of various IEEE sponsored souvenirs and refreshments sponsored by Partners.


Story by: Oluwapemiisin G. Akingbola
Chairperson, WIE-UISB

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