Section Bits

The Section Bits is a monthly email publication of the events and happenings of the IEEE New Orleans Section, including information about upcoming and past activities of chapter societies and affinity groups. On occasion, information that is deemed beneficial for our members may also be included at the request of third party groups or organizations. Be assured that we will not distribute information that we do not deem relevant to the needs and interests of the members of our section.

Registered members of the section can expect to receive this publication at the beginning of each month at the primary email address listed in the member’s profile of If you are a registered member of IEEE and not currently receiving section correcpondences, please verify that your email address is accurate in your membership profile and that you are a classified as an ACTIVE member of the R5-SOUTHWESTERN USA, NEW ORLEANS SECTION. Section correspondences are only able to be distributed according to information contained in your membership profile. Click here to login and manage your IEEE profile.