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President’s Message – Summer 2014

Dear Colleagues:

This is another of the messages I send from time to time to our NTC (IEEE Nanotechnology Council) email list of people interested in Nanotechnology. We just had our annual conference, in Toronto, Canada. During the conference we also had the annual meeting of the NTC AdCom (Administrative Committee), which is primarily composed of representatives of the IEEE Societies that sponsor the NTC. There are 22 of them. The AdCom elects the NTC officers and sets high level policy. It was clear from the meeting that the NTC is healthy, financially and otherwise. But it could be better.

I think the NTC needs a grass-roots effort to move beyond its current state. This email list has over 14,000 members. Even if only a small percentage of the people in it get involved with the NTC we will be able to make significant progress. Here are examples of how you can get involved with the NTC:

  • write strong research papers for our journals and conferences;
  • write surveys of what happens in your labs and submit them to our IEEE Nanotechnology Magazine;
  • organize special issues or sections for our journals;
  • attend our conferences;
  • organize sessions and workshops at our conferences;
  • organize workshops jointly with the NTC at other IEEE conferences, for example, at the flagship conferences of your IEEE society;
  • join our Technical Committees (TCs), or start new ones if there is a need for such, and organize activities;
  • join nanotech TCs at your IEEE society, or start new ones, and interface with the NTC TCs;
  • join NTC Chapters or start new ones, and organize activities, for example, invite some of our Distinguished Lecturers to visit the Chapters and give talks;
  • get involved in standards work;
  • contact the AdCom member of your IEEE Society and offer to help.

And I’m sure there is more you can do. To get started look around the NTC web site ( ) to see what is available and who is in charge of what. In case of doubt contact me or another of the officers.

Right now we are looking for a volunteer who is able and willing to serve as Editor-in-Chief (EiC) for the NTC’s web presence. This requires strong familiarity with web sites and social media, and the ability to interface with our journal EiCs and others who can generate content. Providing interesting content and keeping it “fresh” is the main challenge. This is a relatively time consuming job, comparable to being an EiC of one of our journals. If you are interested please send me your CV plus a statement explaining why you think you are the right person for the job. If you can also outline what you would propose to do, that would be a definite plus.

As always, I welcome your comments and suggestions. Use the contact form below.

Ari Requicha
University of Southern California
President, IEEE Nanotechnology Council

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