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NANOfIM Late Submission

The Nanotechnology for Instrumentation and Measurement Workshop (NANOfIM) 2015
July 24-25 2015 Lecce (ITALY)

Although the submission deadline is over, there is an opportunity to submit a ‘late news’ paper by June 25th.

NANOfIM is a forum with emphasis on measurement and instrumentation. There is a special issue of IEEE TNANO. Lecce is a beautiful and historical city not far from both seas, Adriatic and Jonian. It is also an important city hosting nanotechnology centers.

Keynote Speakers:

Special Sessions:

  • Technology of Nanostructured Carbon-Based Materials and Sensing
    A. Massaro & G. Cicala
  • Nanocomposite Materials: from Design to Applications
    F. Spano & R. Rossi
  • Nanotechnology for Energy Conversion, Transportation, Storage and Utilization
    G. Ciccarella & P. Carlucci
  • Nanophotonics: from Design to Applications
    A. Passaseo & D. Sanvitto
  • Optical Biosensing: from Point of Care Application to Intracellular Nanosensing
    F. Baldini, R. Bernini & A. Giannetti
  • Nanotheranostics, Medical Imaging and Biomedical Applications
    S. Casciaro, F. Conversano, L. Menichetti
  • Emerging technologies and measurement techniques of nanostructured and hierarchical polymeric composites
    C. Esposito Corcione, A. Greco & F. Lionetto
  • Semiconductor Nanowires: from Controlled Self-Assembly to Device Fabrication
    Paola Prete


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