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Journal on Exploratory Solid-State Computational Devices and Circuits Highlights

The IEEE Journal on Exploratory Solid-State Computational Devices and Circuits (JXCDC) is an “Open Access” IEEE journal for the publication in multi-disciplinary fields of research towards solid-state circuits using exploratory materials and devices for novel energy efficient computation beyond standard CMOS transistor technology. The papers are selectively chosen to provide an insight into the architectural, circuit and device implications of emerging Quantum Nano-Electronic or Nano-Magnetic device technologies.

The papers have a maximum of eight pages in length. Additional supplementary materials expand on the methods, novel metrology and/or design techniques in many cases. The supplementary is intended as a published repository of best practices.

The focus of the publication is on the exploration of materials, Quantum Nano-Electronic or Nano-Magnetic devices and Computation circuits to enable Moore’s Law to continue for computation beyond a 10 to 15 year horizon (beyond end of the roadmap for CMOS technologies) with associated density scaling and improvement in energy efficiency.

This publication provides a unique interdisciplinary forum of scientists and engineers to advance this field of promising alternatives to CMOS technology for computation devices, circuits and architecture. This journal had it first paper published in January 2015, and has a number of seminal papers in beyond CMOS.

2016 papers submitted to the journal took an average of:

  • 4.5 weeks from submission to First Decision
  • 10 weeks from first submission to Final Decision with Early Publication one week later.

Citations (as of May 2017) for the papers in the 2015 Issue:

  • Average = 21 (14) citations per paper by Google Scholar (IEEE Xplore)
  • Highest = 74 (42) citations by Google Scholar (IEEE Xplore)
  • Total = 251 (167) citations Google Scholar (IEEE Xplore)

Paper Downloads:

  • 2015 Issue Papers: 6429
  • 2016 Issue Papers: 1104


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