Faculty and graduate students of Nanjing Agricultural University attended IGARSS 2016

From July 10-15 2016, Dr. Tao Cheng, Dr. Xia Yao, Jiaoyang He, Hengbiao Zheng, Min Jia, Dong Li, Renzhong Song of Nanjing Agricultural University attended IGARSS 2016 in Beijing, China. During the conference, Dr. Tao Cheng, Hengbiao Zheng and Dong Li gave oral presentations. Dr. Xia Yao, Jiaoyang He,  Min Jia, Renzhong Song presented posters. Below is a list of their presentation titles:
  • Decomposing the Effects of Foliar Fitrogen Content and Canopy Structure On Rice Canopy Spectral Variability. (Dr. Tao Cheng)
  • Determination of Optimal Hyperspectral Variables to Monitor Wheat Biomass. (Dr. Xia Yao)
  • Monitoring Leaf Area Index after Heading Stage Using Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Data in Rice. (Jiaoyang He)
  • Evaluation of a UAV based Hyperspectral Frame Camera for Monitoring the Leaf Nitrogen Concentration in Rice. (Hengbiao Zheng)
  • Inversion of Chlorophyll Fluorescence Paramenters on Vegetation Indices at Leaf Scale. (Min Jia)
  • Wavelet-based PROSPECT Inversion for Retrieving Leaf Mass Per Area (LMA) and Equivalent Water Thickness (EWT) from Leaf Reflectance. (Dong Li)
  • Evaluation of Landsat-8 Time Series Image Stacks for Predicting Yield and Yield Component of Winter Wheat. (Renzhong Song)
Teachers and students of Nanjing Agricultrual Univercity

Dr. Tao Cheng with students of Nanjing Agricultural University

Dr. Xia Yao with students of Nanjing Agricultural University


Hengbiao Zheng was presenting his research on UAV-based crop monitoring