Vasily Astratov

Dr. Vasily Astratov

University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Talk Track: Photonics
Talk Title: The Art of the Impossible: Sorting dielectric microspheres by using light





Vasily N. Astratov is a professor of Physics and Optical Science at the University of North Carolina-Charlotte. In 1986, he received his Ph.D. degree from the A.F. Ioffe Physical-Technical Institute in Russia, where later he pioneered studies of synthetic opals as novel self-assembled photonic crystals. In 1997-2001, he was a postdoctoral scholar at the University of Sheffield. Since joining UNC-Charlotte in 2002, his research was devoted to microspherical photonics including super-resolution microscopy, cavity optomechanics, photonic nanojets and molecules. He was a topical editor for the journal Optics Express in 2005-2011 and a program committee member for such conferences as CLEO, IEEE Photonics, OSA Advanced Photonics Congress, Photonics West, and ICTON. He is a recipient of international visitor awards from LabEx NanoSaclay and C2N Center in Paris, Center for Materials in San Sebastian, Triangle de la Physique in France, EPSRC and Royal Society in the UK. He co-authored about 180 research publications and 15 patents which were cited more than 5500 times. His Google Scholar h-index is 40.


Resonant light forces open up a unique approach to high-volume sorting of microspherical resonators with uniquely identical energy positions of whispering gallery mode peaks. We develop theoretical foundations and practical realization of microspherical photonics, an area where photonic atoms with known positions of resonant modes are used for building photonic molecules, routers, sensors and various structures with novel functionality.