Steve Suddarth

Dr. Steve Suddarth

Transparent Sky, LLC / Precision Vision Corp.

Talk Title: Live 3D for real-time virtual worlds from swarms





Dr. Suddarth’s 30+ year R&D career involves a wide variety of R&D, management, teaching, and executive functions, as well as research in machine learning, autonomous vehicles and image processing.  Dr. Suddarth served as Director of the Configurable Space Microsystems Innovation and Application Center (COSMIAC) at the University of New Mexico (2007-2011).  He is also the founder of Transparent Sky and co-founder of Precision Vision.  Notably, Dr. Suddarth started led and developed key early Wide Area Motion Imaging (WAMI) capabilities.  Dr. Suddarth also performed consulting for Logos Corporation, Rockwell-Collins International, LANL, and Raytheon Company.  Other relevant work includes the three-dimensional mixed analog/digital image processor (VIGILANTE), airborne optical sensing systems, unmanned aerial robotics systems, small spacecraft, and machine learning enhancements.


Wide Area Motion Imaging (WAMI) systems now come in many forms and have been successfully deployed in many situations.  Such systems are often large and expensive.  Furthermore, their field-of-view is limited by altitude and weather, even if they have a very high pixel count.  WAMI data is ideal for precise 3D reconstruction of large areas as well, however these reconstructions typically require many hours.  New 3D reconstruction techniques produce large areas in a few minutes, with timelines that are rapidly collapsing to seconds.  Soon, real-time 3D will be possible, allowing more precise geolocation, and the possibility of immersive virtual environments.  More importantly, real-time 3D provides near-seamless merging of data taken from multiple vantage points.  Swarms of UAVs could cover huge areas that not possible from a single platform.  In addition to easier deployment, lower cost, higher robustness, and greater stealth, these swarms can fly below weather that is common in key urban areas such as coastal cities.