Kenneth W. Allen

Dr. Kenneth W. Allen

Georgia Tech Research Institute
Track: Photonics Devices and Systems
Talk Title: Rigorous Approach to Simulate Electromagnetic Interactions in Biological Systems






Dr. Kenneth W. Allen is the Chief Engineer of the Electromagnetics Division of the Advanced Concepts Laboratory at the Georgia Tech Research Institute. His research interests span a variety of topics within electromagnetics such as frequency selective surfaces, antennas, reconfigurable devices, and material characterization. In his areas of research, Ken has over 50 technical publications and serves as an associate editor for the Springer Journal Optical and Quantum Electronics. Ken teaches professional education courses on Radar Cross Section Reduction and developed a course on Electromagnetic Materials and Measurements.


In this work, multiple computational tools are used to capture the multi-physics nature of electromagnetic interactions in biological systems. Biological models, e.g. molecular dynamics, of the bio-molecules of interest are used to determine the state and corresponding charge distributions. These charge distributions are then imported into a grid where an in-house numerical solver computes the electromagnetic fields, which can be temporally modulated by a defined source. Within this framework electromagnetic forces and time-domain character of the bio-molecules fields can be determined. Interactions between bio-molecules can be analyzed by applying a matched-filter for molecular recognition. This rigorous approach could provide valuable insight for electromagnetic processes in bio-systems.