Chris Garrett

Chris Garrett

Air Force Life Cycle Management Center
Talk Track: Cyber Security, Trusted Systems & Open, Agile Architectures
Talk Title: Open Standards and Government Reference Architectures



Chris spent over 27 years in the Air Force working in the areas of electronic warfare, test, space, and aircraft sustainment where he spent 3 years at Robins AFB in the C-17 group.  He finished his career as the Deputy Director for Engineering and Technical Management at Air Force Materiel Command.  As Deputy Director, Chris focused on three areas – System of Systems Analysis, Open Systems Architecture, and Strategic Planning.  In his current job, Chris is working in the engineering home office at the Life Cycle Management Center where he is wearing three hats – first as the Technical Advisor for the Architecture Group in EZAC, also he is acting as the lead engineer for the Open Architecture Management Office where he is working the transition of the Open Mission Systems standard from the Air Force Rapid Capabilities Office to the Life Cycle Management Center; and finally he is leading Line of Action 4, Weapon System Adaptability, under the Cyber Campaign.


The Department of Defense has been emphasizing open system standards as well as prototyping as well as agile acquisition in recent years.  To date, there has been very limited success in achieving speed of capability to the field with systems that are efficient in regards to their ability to be maintained and upgraded both quickly and affordably.  One approach for achieving agile acquisition is to develop a set of government reference architectures that leverage open system standards.  This talk will explore the possibilities of implementing such an ecosystem.