Charles Fallaha

Charles Fallaha

OPAL-RT Technologies Inc.
Talk Track: Aerospace
Talk Title: Virtual Testing of More Electric Technologies in Aerospace




Charles Fallaha is currently holding the position of team leader for More Electric Aircraft development at OPAL-RT Technologies, collaborating with key aerospace integrators and OEMs. Mr. Fallaha holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical and mechanical engineering, and a master’s in electrical engineering. He has more than twelve years of professional experience as an engineer, during which he has filled several engineering positions for large aerospace companies. His work experience relates to the fields of robotics, power electronics and aerospace. Mr. Fallaha has published several technical papers in journals and conferences, and is still actively involved in academic research activities.


New generations of aircaft include electric components and systems that replace traditional hydraulic and pneumatic ones. These new systems need to undergo extensive validation and testing before their full integration on the aircraft build program. Virtual testing and real-time simulation approach allow these new technologies to be validated at the early design phases with minimum incurred cost and time. A few application projects of virtual testing of more electric systems that are being currently developed at OPAL-RT will be showcased.