July 23, 2018

Tutorial A 1300-1715

Visual Perception and Intelligence in Autonomous Systems

Presented by Drs. Vijayan K. Asari , Almabrok E. Essa , Theus H. Aspiras, University of Dayton and Dr. Yakov Diskin, MZA Associates Corp


This tutorial will demonstrate the computational intelligence associated with autonomous systems.  Various concepts will be presented at the tutorial, like data preprocessing, feature extraction, neural network-based classification, and high-level decision making.  Participants will see demonstrations of autonomous systems for a variety of applications and will be able to utilize the concepts learned for application in other areas.


  1. Introduction to Autonomous Systems
  2. Autonomous System Basic Architecture
  3. Advanced Methodologies in Visual Perception
  4. Autonomous System Applications

Requirements and Target Audience :

  1. Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, or any related field
  2. Military and DoD
  3. Biomedical and Human Performance
  4. Machine Learning and Analysis Architectures

Tutorial B 1300-1715

Deep Learning: Theory, Tools, and Applications

Presented by Dr. Tarek Taha and Mr. Zahangir Alom, University of Dayton

Deep Learning is a set of neural network based machine learning algorithms and has become widely used in a large set of applications. This tutorial will cover the basic the basics of deep learning and go over common tools used for deep learning.


  1. Neural Networks and the back-propagation training algorithm
  2. Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) and its variants
  3. Auto-Encoder (AE) and Recurrent Neural Networks (RNN)
  4. Generative models and reinforcement learning
  5. Applications of deep learning in computer vision and medical imaging:
      1. Classification
      2. Segmentation
      3. Detection

Requirements : Basic knowledge of pattern recognition. The tutorial will start with the basics of neural networks and proceed to the latest deep learning networks.


Tutorials are included with conference registration and will be held on the afternoon of the first day of the program, July 23, 2018