April 2014

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Madison Section

Vol. 17, No. 3 Serving
IEEE Members of South Central Wisconsin
April 2014
  • Upcoming Events

    • C-Motive
      Capacitive Motor Technology


      • Date: 11:45 AM Thursday,

        April 17th, 2014

      • Speaker:

        Justin Reed, President and CEO of C-Motive Technologies Inc.

      • Location: 

        Promega BioPharmaceutical Technology Center

        Room Number: 122

        5445 E Cheryl Pkwy

        Fitchburg,  Wisconsin

      • Pre-registration is
        appreciated–please do so online by
        clicking through the IEEE Madison
        Section events

      Closing the Gap – The Evolution
      of C-Motive’s Capacitive Technology Platform™

      C-Motive Technologies Inc. is a
      Madison, WI-based startup developing electrostatic machines and
      devices using its proprietary Capacitive Technology Platform™,
      which brings electrostatics into competition with the
      electromagnetic devices pioneered by the likes of Tesla and
      Edison. Rather than use magnetic fields, C-Motive’s machines and
      devices leverage electric fields – no copper windings, no
      expensive, heavy steel electromagnets. C-Motive instead uses
      electric voltage across closely stacked stationary and rotating
      aluminum plates. C-Motive’s innovations prove for the first time
      that electric charges, rather than currents, can produce
      practical motion on an industrial scale. The secret rests within
      C-Motive’s patented Hydroflex Plate Stacking System™, which
      delivers more electrical capacitance than ever demonstrated on a
      macro scale. This presentation will walk through the development
      of these technologies and discuss some of their applications.

      Biography: Justin Reed is
      the President and CEO of C-Motive Technologies Inc., a Madison,
      WI-based startup developing fundamentally new types of electric
      machinery for industry. Reed received the M.S. in 2009 from the
      University of Wisconsin-Madison and the B.S. in 2005 from the
      University of Washington in Seattle, both in Electrical
      Engineering. He is currently finishing his Ph.D. at UW-Madison in
      the Wisconsin Electric Machines and Power Electronics Consortium
      (WEMPEC) under Prof. Giri Venkataramanan. Reed specializes in
      multilevel power converters and high-frequency power electronics,
      and has a strong background in electromechanical power conversion
      with 12 published research papers. He attended the Wisconsin
      Entrepreneurial Bootcamp and Dutch Block Program in 2009.

    • Tour of the
      Charter Street Power Plant


      • Date: TBD in May, 2014
      • Speaker/Tour Guide:  TBD
      • Location: 

        Charter Street, Madison

      • Tour will be approximately one hour

        The primary fuels for the Charter Street Heating Plant are
        natural gas and fuel oil.  Fuel oil is used as a back up
        fuel source.  The Charter Plant is capable of producing
        steam at 800,000#/hr, 26,000 tons of chilled water, 9.8
        megawatts of electricity and 7080scfm of compressed air. In an
        effort to maximize the fuel efficiency, a portion of the steam
        load at the Charter Plant is used to produce up to 9.8
        megawatts of electricity.  The tour will also include a
        talk on the difficulty of upgrading the plant given the
        changing political climate and elimination of the biofuels
        component for the plant. The Wisconsin Energy Initiative (WEI)
        program was utilized to upgrade and maximize the electric and
        chilled water production capacity of the Charter Plant.

    • Talk and Demo
      of 3D Printing Technology


      • Date: Thursday, June 5th, 2014
      • Speaker:  Chris Meyer, Sector67
      • Location:  Sector67, 2100 Winnebago Street  (East
        Side of Madison)
      • Time: 11:45 AM to 1:00 PM
      • This will be during the IEEE-Madison ECN Meeting Time for
      • Bring your own lunch.  Beverages and snack items are
        available to purchase at Sector67

        Chris Meyer is a local expert on 3D printing and all things
        related to Hacker Spaces.  He will give a brief
        presentation on the Sector67 3D printing technology and
        demonstrate how it is done.   If you are not
        familiar with Sector67, check out their web site here.  
        You will be amazed at the things that are happening at

  • Section News

    V. John Mathews Talk Review (Provided
    by Tom Kaminski): 

    Mathew provided
    a concise view of the bioengineering
    issues associated with connecting to living neurons and processing
    signals to control living tissue.  He explained how Utah’s
    device was surgically implanted to connect to neurons and showed
    how neurons could be stimulated to cause muscle contraction. 
    His research identified ways to provide reasonably precise control
    by applying a constant voltage pulse whose duration and frequency
    could be varied.  He also explained how laboratory animal
    subjects so instrumented were probed with an automatic analysis
    tool to identify how  to stimulate appropriate muscle
    Muscle fatigue was also discussed and
    he showed how to provide stimulus to reduce muscle fatigue.

    University of Wisconsin Student
    IEEE Section Projects Funding

    IEEE_Student_ProjectThe IEEE-Madison Section has
    partially funded a proposal from the University of Wisconsin Student
    Branch that the Executive Committee determined to be a worthwhile
    project.  We have applied to the IEEE Technical Activities
    Board to possibly fund a portion of the work, but more money is
    needed.  See UWisc-IEEE
    for information on the student chapter’s  current activities.
    The aim of UW-Madison IEEE Student Projects is to allow students to
    gain hands-on experience with practical design and fabrication
    techniques. The projects allow participants to practice computer
    layout and fabrication skills without the pressure of a graded class.
    During promotion chapter project managers emphasize that no previous
    experience is necessary, and that participation is not limited to
    electrical and computer engineering majors.  Three projects were
    configured — the first project is a simple solar photovoltaic (PV)
    charger for cell phones and digital music players.  The second
    project, named the “color organ”, is a BoosterPack for the TI Tiva C
    LaunchPad that allows the LaunchPad to sample audio, process it, and
    then drive an LED matrix on the color organ, forming an audio spectrum
    analyzer.  The third project, named the “breathalyzer”, is also a
    BoosterPack for the TI Tiva C Launchpad that detects the concentration
    of alcohol in breath, estimates the corresponding blood alcohol
    content (BAC) of the user, and outputs the BAC on seven segment

    Please consider a personal or
    Corporate donation to the Wisconsin IEEE Student Branch to support
    these efforts.

  • Regular Meetings

    • Section Meetings

      The third Thursday of January through May and September through
      December is reserved for a meeting to provide recent research,
      developments, trends and/or innovations in one of our membership’s
      technical areas.

      Networking Meetings

      • Purpose: Presentations, Discussions, networking
      • Date: First Thursday of even-numbered months
      • Time: 11:45 AM to 1:00 PM
      • Location: Sector67, 2100 Winnebago Street  (East Side of
      • Parking: Park in lot or on Winnebago Street.
      • Process: Members are encouraged to make introductions,
        describe endeavors, and make request for: contacts in target
        companies, needs, resources.
      • Contact: For assistance, call Tim Chapman 2 0 6 – 2 5 7 0
  • Membership Upgrades

  • Those interested in upgrading their IEEE membership level should send
    their resumes or other information showing five years of significant
    performance in an IEEE-designated field to Charles J Gervasi
    (cj@cgervasi.com). Madison Section Board will attempt to find Senior
    IEEE members knowledgeable in the applicant’s area of practice who may
    be able to provide references. You are invited to attend the informal
    networking portion of the monthly Section meetings (starting at 11:30am)
    to meet the Section Board members and discuss intentions.

  • About IEEE

  • The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers or IEEE (read
    I-Triple-E) is an international non-profit, professional organization
    dedicated to advancing technology innovation and excellence for the
    betterment of humanity. IEEE and its members inspire a global community
    through IEEE’s highly cited publications, conferences, technology
    standards, and professional and educational activities. It has the most
    members of any technical professional organization in the world, with
    more than 300,000 members in around 150 countries. The IEEE consists of
    38 societies, organized around specialized technical fields, with more
    than 300 local organizations that hold regular meetings. For more
    information, please visit: IEEE.ORG

  • Madison IEEE Section

    The IEEE-Madison Section of the IEEE is a section in Region 4 of the
    IEEE-USA organized to serve IEEE members in the Madison, WI area with
    over 600 members.  the 2014 Officers and Board Members are Tom
    Kaminski – Chair, Steve Schultheis, Vice Chair, Charles Gervasi –
    Treasurer, Brandon Zemlo – Secretary, Timothy Chapman – Webmaster, Tom
    Kaminski – ECN Chair, Members at Large: Mitch Bradt, Clark Johnson,
    Dennis Bahr, Craig Heilman, Sandy Rotter.

  • Job Openings

    Check out WIEES.com for
    electrical engineering jobs in Madison and the surrounding region.
    This site is maintained as a service for electrical engineers. Jobs
    are displayed starting with the most recent postings first. You can
    filter results by location and job type. If you are hiring an
    electrical engineer in our area, for full-time or contract work, you
    can post the job in the Contact Us
    section on the WIEES.com site.  Here is a sampling of the new job

    • Hardware
      Design Engineer in Middleton, WI
  • Contact Us

    The IEEE-Madison Section has a number of volunteer positions open if
    you are interested in helping out.  Please direct any questions
    or comments to Tom Kaminski via email to